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    2012 Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 BLX

    Hi all, I'd like some help with customizing my friend’s racket, 2012 Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 BLX. He wants more power, plow-through, and stability without losing the feel, touch, and comfort. Length 27 inches 69 centimeters Head Size 95 square inches 613 square centimeters Weight 11.5...
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    Next Racket

    Traffic, thanks for your detailed post. Yes, I meant the previous version of the Pure Strike (the red racket). I agree with you, I think it is time to restring. I kind of do want a new racket but for now, I'll restring my K Blade, PS, or my Youtek Speed MP and see if I still like them. Good...
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    Next Racket

    @styksnstryngs I recently played with my K Blade 98 18x20 strung with Spiky Black Shark at 55 lbs and I was able to hit flat without much difficulty. However, 55 lbs with this string is too stiff so I need to lower the tension or use a different string. I like the K Blade but it is not...
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    Fun poll 16x19 or 18x20?

    Which string pattern do you guys prefer?
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    Next Racket

    Hi all, I'm a 3.5 player and I like playing from the baseline and I have pretty good groundstrokes off both wings. I rarely go to the net but I try to if I can. I would say I have a decent serve. Usually topspin first serve and second serve with more spin. Sometimes I hit flat and slice first...