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    Different conditions, different strings or even racquets?

    Just find that its better in dubs to take a more close in position, so there is less time for a full backswing, which makes a lower tension more helpful. I totally agree with you on the "smaller target" analysis of the doubles game. But the adjustment should be in the stroke, not so much the...
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    XXXL arms looking for a good grip

    That stock RG on the ezone is soo thin and hard! Just do like a gamma hitec RG or something similar and things will improve. These grips will be heavier, so maybe adjust the handle lead.
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    Low powered, spin friendly platform frame requested

    Just wait for the current ezone 98 tour to be released.
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    Here's Where Thiem Tops Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

    Murray was part of the "big 4" because he made tons of slam semis on all surfaces. Thiem, not so much.
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    Prince Beast 98

    My 2 cents is Prince should reduce down its line to its obvious winner frames and build a clear recognition of them in consumers minds. Like, why did the warrior line change name and pj colors if the beast isn't much different? Also, how many possible phantoms can they come up with? Plenty of...
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    "Air Jaws": Record-Breaking Shark Breach

    Always creeped out by how they can dislocate their jaws. [emoji45]
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    2nd Racquet advice

    Same stick and strings with just a tension difference is the best way to go.
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro Gut Hybrid Recommendation

    I was using ghostwire as a cross on the speed pro. Think tourna silver rough could be great as well, and the reel price is nice.
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    Different conditions, different strings or even racquets?

    Definitely like my doubles stick tension a few lbs under my singles one. Other than that, no real difference.
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    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    Might want to do an actual tape measurement of current handle setup. Fwiw, my 4 1/4 with oehms pro leather and supergrap ends up being exactly 4 1/2.
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    yonex butt cap trap door.......... really, yonex?

    Ok that was on the ezone DRs, which was never a problem but I did kinda feel like was unnecessary. Current caps are a solid piece and fit super snug. I would recommend not letting your dog chew on tennis equipment, as this is my best guess as the source of the problem.
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    Where do you misweave?

    I've noticed that it's the bottom area of a racket that is most problematic for me. Obviously it gets crowded down there and maybe I'm rushing to finish. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Synthetic Leather Grip options

    What qualities are you looking for? The TW 1.3 mm 22 mm width leather grip is a very light (20 gram) with trimming.
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    Tier One Sports

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    Should smaller people go with a lighter racquet?

    more mass would only improve these positives.