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  • Hey sorry about the late reply, I won't be free Monday but I'll try to contact you later to set something up.
    My number is 253 678 86 four four. Contact me if you're still interested to play.


    Those times work for me, actually earlier the better as I've got relatives visiting also that week and have to take them to see places during the day. I'd also like to avoid the sun as it's generally not good for the skin.
    Hey, you look like a great match to play against. Let's definitely find time to hit when I'm down there. I'll be staying at my family's place in Lake Forest Keys.

    Any preference on time? I'd like to hit in the mornings (weekends or weekdays) to clear the rest of my day for family, and to avoid the sun (I'm from Seattle, so anything over 70 is starting to be too hot and grueling). Evenings may work.
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