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    best 27.5 racket current or old model

    Better than the 7g?
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    Blade 98 CounterVail 16x19 how are you setting it up?

    Just tried this stick and I'm liking it a lot. Wondering what how you guys have it setup. Right now I have lead at the 3 and 9 all the way on the yellow paint and a leather grip. Not sure what else strings/tension I should be trying out. Also how does it compare with the 18x20
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    best 27.5 racket current or old model

    What's the best 27.5 racket I can try?
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    Southern Sectionals Over 18s - Mobile

    how some of those guys will play 2 singles match in the middle of summer there is beyond me. Maybe they are just used to it
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    What should I do to be able to play twice in the same day?

    I'd say stretch is probably more important than all the other things
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    Halep testing Blades

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    Halep testing Blades

    which racket does halep play with now?
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    What is the best Poly for cross strings strung under 40lbs?

    I use a kevlar main and poly crosses (right now a real cheap poly pros pro blackout). I can go months without restringing. Wondering what the best poly at low tensions is. Price doesn't matter as I restring once every few months. Control, dwell time, lower ball flight are all more important...
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    Unsporting behaviour?

    I don't care but it's every UE that's a bit much cause us rec players hit a ton or UE. Just do the same sht he did. Or find someone else to play there's way too many opponents to choose from
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    “I played bad today. I usually play much better.”

    He's probably able to hit those shots because the shots coming to him aren't bothering him and you aren't able to make him move enough. Also the forehand is an important shot but it's not as important as a serve, return or movement if you look at guys like Paire and Gasquet their Forehands look...
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    Is it better to have a higher ball toss when serving?

    you picked some awful servers as examples and no each one of those pics either serves a lot of doubles compared to their peers and each has trouble in the wind. A lower toss is easier to time, easier in the wind, easier under pressure, reduces the hitch.
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    Kyrgios on attempting to hit Nadal

    that's actually a risk of playing the net, everyone who has played the net has been hit and has hit someone at the net. I don't get the hoopla
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    Removing Throw Wheels From Tennis Tutor Machine

    you need to take the top case off
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    Removing Throw Wheels From Tennis Tutor Machine

    it's an allen wrench or hex whatever it is you'll find it on the side of the wheel. Just make sure you find one that fits and you can take it off. If not call tennis tutor they are very nice. The best customer service I've dealt with.