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    Hi! I'm looking at moving to Florida. Are there any resources you can name that let me know...

    Hi! I'm looking at moving to Florida. Are there any resources you can name that let me know where public park pick-up tennis is active. I know most of the state is a hotbed for such a thing, just looking to see if there is a website with this type of info. Thanks! Dave in CO
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    Extremely YELLOW strings

    I am looking for some violently yellow (fluorescent is OK) 17g or 16L syn gut strings to hybrid with the Technifiber Black Code I use in my Yonex RDS001 90's. I have tried Gamma and Prince, they are pale yellow. I want something that approximates the color of the frame, any suggestions?
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    Prince 03 Orange

    I think Prince should list all the "colors" on their website. I spent time looking for stringing instructions for the O3 Orange - no mention it even exists. If not for this thread, I would not have known it strings up the same as the Speedport Blue. It is one thing to build frames that are...
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    Bow Brand Championship Natural Gut

    Now that we know the government is involved it is reasonable to question the "Testing."
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    German Hex Strings = one factory

    My guess is that there is only one factory in Germany turning out poly strings for likely dozens of brand names. They all seem to play and feel alike, MSV, Signum, Alpha, etc... Can anyone verify or discredit this idea?
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    Is MSV Focus Hex a WEAK POWER string?

    The MSV goes as low as 1.10mm - (18L) gauge. At that size, yes, it is quite low power (for poly) - if you want more power from it go to a thicker gauge. I like it at about 17L or 18 in most hex strings.
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    Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 17 vs Gamma Live Wire XP 17

    My opinion is the Gosen is superior. My biggest issue with the Live Wire is that it loses tension immediately. I also think it has a slippery feel when playing with it. It is in the group of my least favorite strings, while I go through reel after reel of Gosen, with never a complaint.
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    The Yusuki method for starting mains

    I have had my Revo for 10 days, and the 3 tooth clamps are working fine for me. They are not painted, but I have not seen any slippage, still getting the feel for adjusting them. Does anyone with the new style clamps feel the need to sand them down?
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    Eagnas Flex 940 clamp bolt it stripped.

    Reading this makes me glad that I went with an Alpha Revo - the couple of trivial issues I have had were resolved immediately with alacrity.
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    Wilson Rep for Colorado

    coloskier: Thanks! I will call GSM as I am about 40 miles from there, hopefully they can assist me.
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    Wilson Rep for Colorado

    Does anyone have a name and contact info for the regional rep for Wilson Tennis in Colorado? Thanks!
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    2 Hour Old Revo Newbie Dumb ?

    UPS delivered my Revo today, I thought it was a refrigerator box. It is extremely well packed! Setup is reasonably straightforward, but the shaft that holds the crank handle appears to be installed backwards. There is a little spring loaded ball that would expand when the crank handle is fitted...
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    Fast Shipping from Alpha

    I just thought I should mention the fast shipping on my new Alpha Revo. I ordered it Tuesday afternoon, they expected the new machines to arrive Wednesday. They shipped it Wednesday and UPS will have it here (Colorado) tomorrow (Friday). I am excited! I will update this thread after I get it...
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    Replacing the grommet/bumper set

    Don't forget to add 2 lbs tension to offset the seating of the new grommets/bumper...
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    In your 'opinion' what is the best budget poly?

    MSV Focus Hex is a very good and inexpensive choice - I like to hybrid it with Gosen OG 17.