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    Novak Djokovic has some kind of eye problem?

    He should just go ahead and get LASIK... the contacts are limiting him, imo.
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    Abigail Spears Suspended for Doping

    She's 38 years old.
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    The GOAT race is over

    I disagree wholeheartedly. The race is still on and Novak is zoning in from all directions.
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    He was always that good... it just took him time to finally get his fitness, breathing, and mentality in check.
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    Don't be surprised if BOTH Djokovic & Nadal will retire with more GS's than Federer.

    What a time to be alive. I doubt anyone would have foreseen such thing after Federer's Wimbledon win some odd years back.
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    Djokovic only has himself to blame.

    Djokovic and disappointment. Name a more iconic duo.
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    Roger Federer admits he cried after losing to Novak Djokovic in the 2019 Wimbledon final

    Bet he didn't cry as much as he did after Novak took his soul at the 2011 US Open.
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    Djokovic News

    I'm still here, boys. No worries. :cool:
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    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    If everything went Nadal's way, he'd be undefeated. And according to Nadal, he would also be undefeated if injuries never existed.
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    Fellow Novak fans, would you be happy with Nadal having the all time slam record?

    Nadal winning this US Open changes nothing. The goalpost for Djokovic has remains unchanged.
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    ‘Learn from Roger and Rafa’ – Zverev

    What's wrong with this kid and 5 setters?
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    Bianca Andreescu wow!

    She cute.
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    I mean... I pretty much brought this up on sight the minute I saw Robbie warming up in the octagon. He's NEVER looked like that.
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    If he has the slam record, he would undoubtedly be considered the GOAT as that is literally the only thing that Federer and Nadal have on him. Djokovic, by far and large, is already considered the BOAT... and it's not even close.