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    Anyone but Zverev

    It will be dark times indeed should he win a slam.
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    Thiem is one of the most well-rounded players on tour

    Doesn't matter how well-rounded you are if you play one-dimensionally. Likewise, it doesn't matter how "talented" you are if you don't actually win (e.g. Kyrgios, Dimitrov).
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    Slam distribution with Nadal/Djokovic

    Looking at the distribution of slams competition will give the clearer story. Who has Novak beaten to earn his GS titles in comparison to everyone else in the entire history of the sport itself, let alone Federer or Nadal?
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    Djokovic is going for history

    He's playing doubles at Indian Wells. Now delete this thread and save yourself the embarrassment.
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    Djokovic Kohlschreiber

    I have no idea what he was thinking.
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    Is this Zverev's true level?

    Don't know about ATG but his resume will probably end up putting Murray's to shame. #NextGenPrivilege
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    Lol Kyrgios...... tanking your hopes again

    I was highly impressed. He looked like a professional that was hired to complete daily routine tasks.
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    If/when Federer is overtaken in slams, will he still be the GOAT?

    Anyone that voted anything but "no" are clearly delusional Federer fanboys. Please out them.
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    Federer, Nadal, Djokovic - All different playing styles. Why is Kyrgios style so brutal for all of them?

    You could say this very same thing about any player that plays Novak Djokovic. It's never up to Djokovic to decide games in any of his matches.
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    Djokovic, Nadal & Federer Reveal Why They're Still Motivated

    Watch Federer's post-game interviews of his USO 2010 and 2011 losses to Novak Djokovic.
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    Rafa and Fed met to discuss future of the tour, didn't invite Novak

    And accomplished nothing of note. It's time for a revolution that will lead to change. Novak will make Tennis great again.
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    Rafa and Fed met to discuss future of the tour, didn't invite Novak

    The summit doesn't summon a King. A King summons the summit.
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    Djokovic about Fedal on ATP Council : It goes both ways.... they can also come to me

    He knows this place. As does Nadal. The ATP has finally found a leader in Novak Djokovic who has the mental fortitude to raise the banner of rebellion and to lead that revolution.