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    Henin busts two myths

    @Curious you seem to ignore the fact that she has an ultra quick hip - trunk - torso rotation which requires great core strength. That's why she was so powerful compared to her size. Not just the swing. Imho Rublev has the same quality today
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    Can’t finish games or sets

    Whenever you start wondering about other things, you can fixate your eyes and mind on another object. Recently I found looking at surrounding trees for 5 to 10 seconds between points and between changes, emptying my mind helps a lot after an unforced error, or emotional situations. Many top...
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    Poly with long lasting playability

    I let the statistics speak, strung my Head 293.1 ( 360g strung, 365 SW) 5 months ago with TBHS7T 1.25 @ 22kgs and apart from the 10s of hours doubles play, hitting sessions, serving sessions, played 19 ladder tournament matches with it. 18W - 1 L I don't think I will break it, still going strong.
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    high spin potential poly with the best control or consistent response

    I have the Tourna BHS7T 17g strung 22/21kgs since mid February on my racquets and played well over 35+hours now including matches and hitting sessions. Still has sharp edges, perfect spin and good control. This is a 4$ per string job reel. (220m-80usd) in Europe. Best part is it doesn't lose...
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    4.0 grinder vs 4.5 grinder suggestions needed

    Watch the black shirt guy and try to get his groundstroke speed. All questions answered to beat a 4.5 pusher!
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    Musetti - all respect… GONE

    Well, I play much younger guys in the tournaments or ladder matches. 14 yr old, 16y or 18y. It's one thing when they have mental struggles but never seen any teenager to completely stop playing when he had a chance of winning a huge match. At least they keep running and hitting the ball. This...
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    Poly with long lasting playability

    This TBHS7T was strung on 21st of January and i have played over 30+ hours atm. Over 15 matches and many hitting sessions. Still has good tension, very good pocketing and spin. Not a single notching on it.
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    Is consistent depth more important than power?

    This Micklada user has an interesting approach to the matters :-D:eek:
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    Would you take a higher swing weight, over a higher static weight for the modern ATP FH?

    I almost never hit flat, but have one of the heaviest forehand drives in the town, it is more mechanics IMHO than power. And topspin is a big advantage for controlling your shots. Some self driven forehands just now:
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    Would you take a higher swing weight, over a higher static weight for the modern ATP FH?

    I have the same specs, 364g strung ,32.5cm, 358sw. I'm 1.76 and lean so you don't need to be a body builder to use this stick. Filled with silicone in the handle, calfskin leather grip and lead under grommets. 9to3 TGK 293.1 prostock prestige. 95 head and quite easy to use. Enormous spin...
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    Court level vs TV view

    Especially the fact that he was just a 24 year old next gen was an important factor on his speed here 8-B
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    Musetti and Berrettini Racquet from the source

    I have Sonego`s Blades and it was strung with 22kgs polyester.
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    Hyper G vs Tour Bite vs Confidential vs Tourna BH S7 Tour

    I have played them all on a Pro Stock Blade 98. I play the baseline topspin game and my control comes with the spin so not sure about the power since I generate - control it myself. But its hard to hit it out with Tourna. Control : TBHs7T > TB > HG > Conf Spin: TBHs7T > TB > HG > Conf Power ...
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    Head Velocity

    in average , I used a 48lbs strung black V for 24+ hours on a Fischer M Pro 1 98 , mostly hard hitting + matches .. and cut it because it was about to break. The 200m reel was 65 euros so go do the math :) I think Price/Performance wise there is nothing so competitive out there in...
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    Your biggest financial mistakes?

    I think it was about 8 years ago, was in Baku for a business trip but it ended early so we decided to stay and make a trip till the return flight. There was the WTA tournament then, 125 level I guess. Svitolina was still no one, Schiavone was the favourite I think.. No interest in matches from...