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    G360+ Radical 2021

    I am really enjoying the Pro, playing it stock and it is just perfect. Really impressed with this new 360+ generation from Head. I have tried Speed Pro, Gravity Pro, Prestige Pro and Extreme Tour also, all have been great frames.
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    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    Medvedev won and saved tennis. As beautiful a moment as can be.
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    Is Djokovic deserving of pity?

    Oh please. "today is the most beautiful day of my life, because finally I feel that I am respected and loved" Beyond pathetic.
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    Was Djoker's "I love you" genuine?

    He thought it was love and affection, but the crowd just wanted to see more tennis. :) I think he was sincere, even though the crowd was not.
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    Meds saved tennis tonight. ❤️
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    Donating blood

    2-3 times a year. Will keep doing it as long as I’m healthy.
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Just got another reel of the champagne in 1.25 from TWE, really love this string. (y)
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    Weed Trimmer Stringing hand

    I did the opposite once, tried some Pro's Pro poly in my weed trimmer. The string failed miserably there also.
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    Zverev Fans Check In Here!

    I like him, my wife seems to love him.
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    New TW Website? Unimpressed so far

    Party poopers! :sneaky: ;)
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    Why do some recreational players have so many racquets??

    So consumer habits are rational all of a sudden?
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    Compliment A Big 3 Player You Don’t Like.

    Great hair?! :unsure::-D Jelena is hot.
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    Fist pumping, "oomph" and "eyes to the box" "Old fan rant"

    I am so happy to see that I'm not the only grumpy old fart around here. :)