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    Does anyone make any money playing tennis in their 40-50's etc.?

    They are welcome to play Open money tournaments. All levels and ages can sign up, although the draw is primarily 5.0 20 and 30 somethings and the money is not a lot, few hundred bucks depending on the size of the draw, the bigger ones maybe a few thousand. Not enough to make a living off of.
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    UTR - use to handicap a match like golf?

    Ha, so you posed the question as you a 7.00 UTR to play a 5.5. This is a little bit more complicated as 7.00 UTR is a strong 4.0 / could be 4.5 NTRP and 5.5 would be a very weak 4.0/borderline high 3.5. Give them 2-0 up every set (you have to win 6 games and they only have to win 4), in...
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    UTR - use to handicap a match like golf?

    Yup, absolutely. UTR doesn’t do it in sanctioned events obviously but on the scrappy park courts we do it all the time. 9 UTR plays a 7 UTR down 30 Love every game at $20 a set. The levels have to be close enough for it to be competive. Even at 30 Love down a 10 UTR would blow out a 7.
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    Any tips to joining my first USTA team?

    Hence lies the problem with USTA and proves your correct initial reactions of being anti-USTA. I’ve found once I finally found a team the matches are enjoyable but it can be hard to break up the high school girl like cliques of teams that have been playing together for years. You’re right to...
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    Is keeping track of data digitally legal?

    Talk about pressure. Are you using this data to track your son or daughter’s unforced errors, serve percentage, etc? JV tennis. Just let them enjoy the sport.
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    UTR is making me more patient....

    No disrespect but I think these wins against players 1 or 2 UTR levels above you are actually “at level” wins since you skewed your rating by letting those kids win in your thread a few months ago.
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    Did you ever get bored with tennis?

    Lol, yes absolutely I got bored with tennis. Took literally a ten year break after playing college ball. I guess with any hobby you can get burnt out especially if you’re doing it 4-6 times a week. Picked up a racquet and started hitting against a handball court wall after ten years, and...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    Yeaaa, as I stated earlier the USTA really shot themselvesin the foot with this stupid video they published earlier (this year?) A persons NTRP has nothing to do with how they look or hit, just like Intelligence is not based on color or sex. You definitely cannot judge a book by its cover...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    Umm yesssss, your rating is what the usta has your computer ntrp at. Now, it may be a matter of time and a few matches before the usta get its right but ultimately your rating IS what your rating is. I know plenty of guys with horrendous ugly strokes who have beaten young studs with Federer...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    I just want to know when it became the norm to be bitter and accuse everyone of sandbagging after a loss? So what if he was a 4.5 masquerading as a 3.5? Then he’s a dork trying to built up his win column, who cares? Take the L and move on with your life.
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    Thank you. This is what NTRP and UTR are based on. The deficit of games won and lost. Then of course the USTA wants to put out stupid promotional videos of what a 3.5 or such and such “looks like”. No such thing as the eye test anymore. Look at your opponents match record before or after...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    I play 4.5 league and around here we have ex-college players, teaching pros, and good club players. If we are trying our hardest we are certainly not giving up games to 3.5s. But this guy you played couldn’t of been a 4.5C if he was in a 3.5 tournament. You lost, just suck it up and play...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    I thought a 3.5 is a 3.01 to 3.49... Anyways OP is likely a 3.01 and his opponent a 3.49. Not too many out of shape, fat 4.5s out there.
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    Am I the only one who hates UTR?

    Rocket surgery?
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    Can You Play 4.0 and Open At a Tournament ?

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