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    String pattern breakdown and strings

    18x20 full gut and 16x18 gut or multi
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    All woodies round robin (A review)

    I have a couple Maxplys and Kramers storage with gut that I keep ready to play at all times. Something that was suggested to me was to try using the junior/low pressure balls to take the shock out of mis-hits. I love playing with the woods and try to get others to give it a go (tough to keep up...
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    rossignol F300?

    I have one in a bag somewhere. It is a handful to swing for a while to say the least. I love the old F200 and play with those a fair bit, but the F300 is much more racket to handle. It is also noticeably stiffer than the F200, but not anything that you would call a stiff racket by today's...
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    Max 200G

    Worked for about a year on the design problem of improving on the original IMF by making it easier to produce while removing the head size issues (collapsing frames over 90 sq in). What a fantastic exercise (I do product and intellectual property development as my day job in other fields). One...
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    Sweet spot of Max200g

    Any progress with the dePaume project? It's been a few months since I've been here, but this is one thing that has me very interested. If it's not going anywhere, I may see about getting something together. It wouldn't be an exact replica of the IMF frames because the issues with head size...
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    Sweet spot of Max200g

    I'm very curious about how this will progress... Also, just as a matter of curiosity, Yonex, have you looked into the feasibility of the paintjob you are showing in terms of repeatability and cost-effectiveness for serial production? I would imagine that the wood-grain effect might be...
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    Sweet spot of Max200g

    Thanks Hans, actually, I am that friend. I have done a lot of work on this as well as part of another project that I was working on and would be very interested to join forces if you are so inclined. I have worked out the issues with weighting and larger head sizes as well. Please contact me at...
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    WOAH - Wimbledon confirms moving the tournament back one week!!!

    If only the FO would move a week or two earlier also. Then we'd have 4-5 solid weeks of grass before Wimbledon - talk about Nirvana...
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    Oldest primary racquet folks are using?

    My primary rackets are Rossignol F200s, so they're about 30 years old. Still let you do incredible things to the ball though...
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    what is the point of july?

    I guess it wouldn't be on the radar of most tennis fans, but July is the month of the World's largest annual sporting event - a little thing called the Tour de France. It's a significant part of the reason that Wimbledon doesn't move back a couple weeks (BBC coverage, etc.). As the second...
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    [b]is Maria Arrogant ?[/b]

    I would stridently disagree with these suppositions...
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    Is Nike ever coming out with a new McEnroe collection?

    I used to like the collection, then I found myself saying increasingly banal and foolish things while wearing it... :)
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    Felt really bad for murray today

    I was really impressed by Murray today. None of the 'down in the mouth', bratty stuff that has been his M.O. in the past. He was fighting and giving it a solid go. Can he win a slam, yes. I am really starting to think he can. It could be the US Open this year even...
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    Do you always root for players of your nationality?

    Couldn't care less about nationality.
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    Serena quiet during wimbledon

    Saturday will be a shriek-free final. I think all tennis fans have an obligation to watch it, or at least have it on their TVs to try and send a message to the WTA about all the needless noise...