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    Stanford scientists use behavioural models to generate realistic and interactive tennis matches.

    This is NOT fun at all One more nail to our posthuman future where everything will be replaced by simulations
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    What Forehand grip do each of the top pros use?

    Kyrgios - 90% SW and 10% continental (on the returns) Zverev - SW Thiem - SW Wawrinka - SW Tsitsipas - same as Federer (extreme estern) Fognini - extreme SW Goffin - SW Cilic - Western
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    You caught a virus, you go quarantine. What the point of imprisoning young people in their homes?
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    5yr boy from tribunes has been tested positive with COVID-19.
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    Different grips for warm up and actual hitting?

    I use eastern for a warm-up and extreme western for actual hitting. It's difficult to hit with western grip straight away, especially for half-court warm-up.
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    Ugliest Strokes In Tennis.

    I don't get why people hate Gulbis forehand, it's very natural actually and I like to hit his FH occasionally. Opponent's eyes are priceless when I perform it.
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    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    This AO is one the most boring ever. 5th set tiebreak killed tennis.
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    AO’20 QF Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs Tennys Sandgren

    Retirement is very close, unfortunately.