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    FS: (2X) Wilson K90, 4 3/8" - 7/10, 4 1/4 - 7/10

    I have two Wilson K Six One Tour 90s for sale. Both have minor noticeable scratches so I would rate them at 7/10. Both are strung with Gamma Synthetic. One is a 4 3/8" grip, one is 4 1/4". Asking $65 per racquet or $110 for both. Paypal only. Email for pictures.
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    Second Serve analogies

    I dunno, I don't have any analogies for it, I can't really help you there. The only thing I can offer is how it feels, and how the feel is different from the feel of a flat serve. To me, a kick serve "FEELS" like I hit it a bit late compared to my normal, very consistent flat serve. Since I...
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    Bit of a problem

    bring her to net. low shots, make her hit up and over the net with a shorter distance to get it down. with a flat swing she won't most of the time. chip it low and short and make her come up and hit a fh. also, that'll allow you to cheat towards your fh. no way she'll try (successfully) to...
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    Practicing ground strokes against a buddy (vid)

    At this point I think you need to be more focused on your cardio, weights and training. Not to say that you look out of shape, or are lacking "muscle", but I think your shots are a bit ahead of where your body is in this video. I'd like to see you on your toes more, less flat-footed, and I'd...
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    Smooth transaction with cnampheonix

    Sent the first email on Thursday, had the racquets on Monday. Couldn't have been better!
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    is gonzalez getting boo'ed?

    Yep. Eagles fans are the worst. I never saw this but didn't they have a jail in their old Veteran's Stadium? Not saying New Yorkers are peachy, because they sure are a salty bunch as well.
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    service motion hitch

    Heard of a variation of this in which you somehow (drill, nail, whatever) get a tiny rope to go through the ball, so essentially, you have a tennis ball on a string. And yes go through your motion without the ball touching you.