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  • Hello! Can you please compare the Yonex DR98+ and SV98+ for me? Which attributes did you appreciate in each? Do you currently use either? Please feel free to email at keoni068@gmail.com

    Thanks for your time!
    Hey - will think about the 6.1S and get back soon. I used to have one of these, which I gave it away. I do like it though.
    Any other racket you are willing to trade - like say Volkl Organix V1 pro ...
    hi, can you tell me if your burn 100ls, have foam pallet under replacement grip, or graphite 8like some old tennis rackets)?
    Can you send me a pics, please?
    Hi A_Instead. Was hoping I could get some advice from you on the Head Instinct XT MP racquet I have. Feels like I have to much power, not sure if its just a phase or what. I saw a post whereby you sell your XT MP. Is there perhaps a reason for that? Did you not match with the racquet. Thinking of selling mine, but not sure I am doing the right thing. Thank you
    Thanks for the inquiry. Racquets have been sold and TW has taken down the ad per my request, but it must have been up yet when you posted your reply. Sorry about that.
    I am trying to decide if the PAT is for me. I demoed it and really liked how BIG shots became. My playing style is throwback serve and volley so I feel like this might not be for me. Except that with some direct instruction, I might be able to adjust my groundies to compensate for the higher launch angle. Any thoughts on soft string, tension and the PAT?
    Hi, Im looking for Wilson Juice 100. You had this racquete and leaved it. can you pls write what stock is it ? thx a lot
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