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    Radical OS max tension differential for launch angle

    Smaller headsize racket and/or stiffer string will lower launch angle. Who strings their crosses 20 lbs tighter?
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    Best natural gut currently

    The lowest for me is 62 lbs in a full bed with 16 gauge, but i prefer 66 lbs. You definitely need to string tighter and maybe add some weight to the handle for more comfort
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    Best natural gut currently

    I've been playing around with weight on my rackets, and now my racket is 12.3 oz compared to 11.8 that it was before, it is much more powerful and im sending a few balls long. It swings easier at 12.3 because i depolarized it a little with weight around the throat, i had to up my tension from 64...
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    I think it's very much string dependent, for example 4g is way stiffer than Poly Tour Pro despite both being poly's. Low tension is great for casual hitting, but when I play players who hit with heavy spin in a match situation my balls start flying out. I think whatever is the lowest tension...
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    Best thin polys

    I liked Poly Tour Pro 1.20 gauge when i used poly.
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    Best natural gut currently

    I had mine snap at the grommet just 4 days after being strung at 66 lbs. I must've spoke too soon
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    Suddenly, Out of Nowhere, Serving Bombs

    Extended racket is your friend
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    Best natural gut currently

    Interesting. I do know VS is significantly softer than Lux. You would think Lux & Wilson would be close due to being manufactured in the same place. Someone made a theory that Lux Gut is just pre-stretched gut. I wonder if thats true
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    Going back to “locked stringbeds”

    @travlerajm This is such an interesting concept, I think the last 20 years everyone has been obsessed with spin, western grips, stiff polys, etc... Throughout all my time as a junior most coaches preached the importance of spin, stating that more spin = more control and i believed this to be...
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    Best natural gut currently

    I've never had trouble with Luxilon breaking, only when i had bad grommets. In fact I have yet to break a string job. Sorry that happened to you! That's strange So in terms of stiffness Luxilon > Wilson > VS Touch ?
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    Luxilon Gut 1.30 string database

    Any chance we can get the Luxilon Gut 1.30 into the string database , pretty please?
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    Going back to “locked stringbeds”

    From TW University "You also know one more very important thing. If the stringbed stiffness is the same for two same model racquets, they should feel and play the same. It does not matter how you get to a particular stringed stiffness — any combination of material, tension, gauge, and pattern...
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    Different Tension for Mains/Crosses in Full Poly?

    I use an open pattern flexy frame (DR 98) and I have felt more confident playing with full natural gut versus gut/poly. Although I do think the time I tried gut/poly i didn't string it tight enough. Thanks for posting this info is really good
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    Going back to “locked stringbeds”

    If the stiffness is the same on both stringbeds why would gut/poly offer more control?
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    Locked strings have much better playability duration.

    Would stringing tighter alleviate this problem?