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    Most Grand Slam Titles Adjusted by Difficulty plus updated GOAT List
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    Kyrgios “ I can beat 50% of the draw with no preparation”

    My theory is that 2 wins against Djokovic badly hurt Kyrgios career. As anyone else who knows tennis, Kyrgios knows that Djokovic is the best tennis player who ever lived (up to date) and that positive H2H with Djokovic is the pinnacle of his career (he ignores the fact that this was Djokovic...
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    Federer In His Twilight Remains a Treasure to Be Savored

    Matthew Syed claims for years that Djokovic is GOAT.
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    PTPA Virtual Press Briefing | 25 June 2021
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    Federer's Wimbledon Placement

    Due to getting first 8 majors when Djokovic and Nadal were not competition.
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    Media are hyping up a Kyrgios-Djokivic Wimby showdown already

    Spot on. They were so inferior in comparison to 2019.
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    Djokovic has won every significant tournament. Twice.

    For anyone who has ever written on TTW X>Y (which >90% of Federer fans did), there is no discussion; numbers tell all. Others can apply other criteria. For example, I never wrote X>Y and, for me, Djokovic is GOAT from the moment he won Cincinnati in 2018.
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    One for the Fedal fans: The most tense TB of the century WB 2008 F

    Thank you for posting this. It is incredible how much these two players improved over the years.