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    It must be said: Fed looks generic, cheap and plain in Uniqlo.

    to each his own, but IMO plain-but-high-quality Uniqlo matches Fed's image (not talking about the 30mio deal). it matches his other "conservative" sponsors, as well (mercedes, rolex; not the all-gold-hiphop).
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    recreational players who carry tennis bags that carry 8-12 frames

    obviously they want to look like a pro, or to be perceived as one.
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    Moving on from PT57E - Looking for a more effective racquet for baseline play

    have you tried lowering your string tension significantly?
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    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    Now Ra-Fa has a new logo
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    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    good answer. That RF logo has no value to any clothing company not associated with Roger Federer.
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    What is the "racquet change" Novak keeps talking about?

    looks like he is really using Graphene (?)
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    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    they can write: ロジャーフェデラー (see google translate) ;)
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    Why do people find Djokovic's Backhand vastly inferior to Wawrinka's?

    These "people", I don't think they are in ATP top 100; they are desktop players, more likely. Players with overrated stroke(s) don't win 13 GS titles. Moreover, Novak has the upper hand H2H with 2 best players in the world. Definitely not overrated.
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    Post a picture of your current racquets...

    nice ride!
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    How much did you practice?

    I play 3-4 times/week, 1-2 hours each, depending on my program (shots drill, footwork, strategy, games). In addition, I train my fitness 3 times / week. Also, I play ping pong for variety and reflex training
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    Good looking service movements

    Windmill :D It's like Optimus Prime doing the serve. Robotic & comical. Instantly recognizable. In term of effectiveness, I think they are quite so: 4 aces in a row: 5 aces in a row:
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    A rec player trying to emulate Fed's FH...

    more efficient > more consistency > less consumed energy
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    Help on Returning worldclass (?) serve

    put more body weight forward, move in, your body weight will help you with power (think kinetic energy) compensating little or no backswing (assuming you block the ball with good angle). In the meantime, practice serve return and learning to speed up your response. Good return neutralizes the...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I can honestly say that current Wilson racquets are the most good looking amongst major racquet manufacturers, especially the black on black. Getting rid of goofy unnecessary lines, fewer writings, simple bumper, are the right thing to do (think Apple). One thing: I wonder if the "Wilson" logo...
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    Head Graphene Touch Prestige

    looks like the current GrapheneXT Prestige with bold contrasting red writing. I hope it has the rather muted feel of the current line up, which I like. Always love the prestige line because they were designed only for players with sound technique and fitness, definitely not for desktop players...