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  • Hi Albert, thanks so much for responding to my email so quickly! Hope you’re doing well!

    Hey Albert,

    I heard your are the guru when it comes to Star 4 repairs. Would you consider working on one if I could find a way to send it to you (From Michigan)? Feel free to message me at my email below. Thanks in advance.

    Hello Albert

    I hope you are doing well. You helped me years ago when I bought a Star 4 from the UK and you guided me to a Step Up & Down Transformer. The transformer just died and I need to know what you recommend. The same one is unavailable on Amazon. I can be reached by email at geoffbrowne0609@gmail.com or text 714-330-2937.

    Thanks for your help

    Hello Mr. Lee!!
    I am a badminton stringer who has owned an ES5 Pro since 2006 and just picked up another one. I have a question I hope you can answer. My ES5 Pro tension head at 22 pounds and lower sometimes pulls 5-6 pounds tighter then returns back to the set tension. 23 pounds and higher no problems. Domo Arigato!
    i just purchased a babolat 2502 withe delectronic display.
    when i press the yellow button it makes a long beep but does not move at all.
    if i wait 3-4 minutes and press again it shows +1.2 on display,it moves to the end and it stops there.
    even if i press again the yellow it stays at the end.
    it also shows -3.5

    best regards
    I have problems with the electronics of my stringing machine (Babolat 3502 Automatic). Some resistor on a circuit board is blown. Do you have pictures of the circuit boards of this machine or can you help me with the electronics in any other way?
    I leave you my email address, I can also send you pictures of the board.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi albert ,
    This is liuqi form China. In discusion board told me You may help me. In past 4 years ,when in use my star5 shows err code SL427 ER4 occasionnally, it will be OK in few minutes. But this time,it hasn't changed for better!!If you can help I would be very grateful to you. My email is 525398@qq.com .THX
    Hi Albert,
    I was just talking to Ray Gooden from Apollo Here in the UK. He stopped by to assist me with my 3002. Nothing just a minor adjustment. He mentioned that you use to be able to get Load cells and send them to him? I was wondering if you still have any or have access to them still. Im always on the lookout for spares for my Star4 and 3002. Both are running fine but it never hurts to be prepared. Thanks

    I saw your post from 2016 fixing your sticky tensioner head on the Babolat Star 5. What size sapphire balls did you purchase?

    I used Bombay Sapphire balls, they are excellent with olives and Star 5.
    Hi Albert, I bought a used Yonex PT 8, but have a problem with it (motor makes a strange noise when holding tension). Someone here had a problem with his ES5 and said that you are "the man" for those kind of problems. Could you please take a look at the video I took?


    Thanks a lot, Moritz
    Moritz: I don't have a PT8 but checked with several people that do. They say their machines do not make this fast clicking (buzzing) and that you should consider sending it back to factory for repair. Definitely needs to go back to Toyo Zouki in Japan.
    Thanks a lot Albert. Yes, that's what I was thinking about. Unfortunately Toyozouki said that I should talk to Yonex Germany and Yonex Germany said that they cannot help me because I bought the machine second hand and not from them... So a big problem now. Maybe I talk to Toyozouki again. Best regards, Moritz
    Hello, my name is Peter. In discusion board told me You help me. I have problem with buzzer on babolat star5. I set beep ON or beep OFF - without any sound. I was completly removing power cable for 30 minuts and go to the menu - I can set on or off. Machine work perfect but without beep.... it worked long time normaly with sound. Do you have somebody this problem? On display i have not any error code.
    Thanks. Peter
    Hi Albert!!!
    This is Francisco Bruni from Brazil. How are you?
    Hope everything is fine with you and with your family!
    A friend of mine has a Babolat Sensor that is showing an error code SL 3231 ER: 5
    Do you happen to know what this code means and the protocol to fix it?
    If you can help I would be very grateful to you.
    Here is my E-mail:
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Hey Albert,
    Can you tell me how you removed the pivot pin from your star 5? I am going to file down the jaws as per your experience, but am unsure how to remove that pin.
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