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    One of the easiest records to break in the future will be number of GS. I'll explain why.

    I agree this may happen. Rosewall and Laver would have likely reached 20+ if they didn’t turn pro in their primes. Rosewall was both the oldest and youngest winner of the Aus Open and the French Open for a while. Borg reached 11 slams before he basically retired at 25
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    Which of these three matches was played at a higher level?

    It takes too much effort to read the poll options so I didn’t and just chose randomly
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    What happened to Chung?

    Park Ji-Sung and Son Heung-Min are probably the best Asian soccer players in the last 20 years, they’re not really injured more often than other players
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    Who will win in football match between these two teams composed from tennis players.

    The GS winner team has too many Americans to be successful
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    Would like to see Felix A.A. win his first title.

    I would prefer he continues losing all finals throughout his career, but remains in the top 20 Hopefully finishing his career like 0-27 in finals
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    What is Kyrgios playing at ? LOL

    Djokovic grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, just after the war. Kyrgios grew up in the softest city in Australia, Canberra. And he still lives there, in his mum’s house, where he plays video games all day. Just because someone talks a lot of trash, it doesn’t make them ‘hard’. Usually quite the...
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    Kyrgios will defeat Novak at this years Wimbledon

    Kyrgios has a sore neck from the vidya games
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    Nick Kyrgios Googled him to see if he is playing wimbledon and found this article with him talking about basketball He compares...
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    Nick Kyrgios

    Posting a pic of himself at an exhibition tournament, of all places
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    Nick Kyrgios

    He will probably come back when the Covid points freeze stops and he is forced to defend points But by then he will be out of shape, out of form, and will probably get injured a lot. Then he will go the way of the great Jack Sock and drift off into obscurity
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    Draper v. Sinner

    Draper looking good, will win Wimbledon
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    Let’s talk about Felix

    Poor Felix destroyed again lol
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    How Good is Musetti?

    He might be good enough to lose in the quarter finals of Roland Garros 2026 to a 40 year old Nadal
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    Sadly, Zverev will never win a GS

    Sad? Maybe if he wasn’t a garbage human being by all accounts, with a boring game straight out of the juniors
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    This will go well... Taylor Townsend on USTA

    They definitely shouldn’t have taken her wildcard away when she was the number 1 junior in the world. But Townsend is indeed fat and it really has held her back her whole career