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    How did Mr Fed win 3 slams after 35?

    He’s about 5 years younger than he says he is He’s been lying about his age his whole career
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    Rank the Top 8 Argentines since 2000

    1. Del Potro 2. Gaudio 3-8: everyone else
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    Hyeon Chung

    This is a guy who gave up in the middle of the biggest match of his life because of blisters I think his biggest problem is a weak heart
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    Nick Kyrgios admits to suffering from clinical depression

    Clinically diagnosed depression and clinical depression are two different things, just saying
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    Why does Paris get two meaningful tournaments?

    USA has zero top male players and has had multiple tournament colapse financially over the past 10-15 years If anything there should be fewer tournaments there and more in Europe
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    will djokovic be penalized for tanking??

    He should be deducted all points earned at the event That’s what happened with Kyrgios’ tanking fines
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    “He just blew me off the court, that’s all,”

    Blatant tank job. Should be fined
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    “Made Us Lost Twenty Years”: Gilles Simon Questions the Image of Roger Federer

    Are there even any young french pros who have a single handed backhand?
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    Nick Kyrgios article

    Didn’t read, and also didn’t watch the show. But generally I don’t think people hate him because he ‘loses’. Players like Millman, De Minaur etc all lose just as much, if not more than he does. IMO most people who dislike Kyrgios (myself included) dislike him because he’s a first class A-hole...
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    Murray denied a Wild Card for Paris

    They should have given it to Kim Clijsters instead
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    Any updates on Kyrgios?

    He’s been busy virtue signalling. Making sure the world knows he’s making the ultimate sacrifice by not playing, because playing on the tour again will only lead to an unstoppable spread of disease And for a guy who ‘hates tennis’ he’scertainly been following events very closely and going out...