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    Tommy Paul - Wow

    His game hasn't really been his problem. He can’t play two months without a season ending injury.
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    What is the end game for college tennis? What's the point?

    Didn’t own my own tennis racquet till 14 and didn’t play more than 3 days a week till college practices. Never paid for private lessons either. Spending a few hours a week hitting with friends and meeting new people was infinitely more rewarding to me than sitting inside playing video games...
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    What is the end game for college tennis? What's the point?

    There are plenty of 15 and 16 year old kids that have reached UTR 8 and 9 without tennis even being their primary sport. I reached UTR 10 in college and i never played competitively until 16. Had a teammate who was a UTR 11 and tennis was his third sport in high school behind football and...
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    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    You can really mess your shoulder up chasing a toss that’s too far back. As long as you get it off before the 25 sec it really doesn’t matter what happens before
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    Is Serena’s Serve ATP quality?

    There are a few clay specialists on the ATP with worse serves but it’s a shot that would have to be backed up with a world class ground game and not a shot that will win many free points in the men’s game
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    Frances Tiafoe Is An American To Root For

    His tendency to play an overly defensive style is more of a problem than anything right now
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    Frances Tiafoe Is An American To Root For

    His forehand used to look even stranger. He’s really changed that shot in the last few years
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    2018 Delray Beach - ATP 250

    For someone who has all the pop of Tiafoe he can be incredibly passive at times
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    (4) David Goffin vs (6) Tomas Berdych Rotterdam QF

    Berd still too traumatized from the last meeting to try again yet
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    Adrian Mannarino brings two racquets to court in his small Nike bag

    I think he’s the only pro using the 2013 one. The older models are pretty common on tour so they supply multiple pros when they keep making them. It wouldn’t make sense to keep production going for one man.
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    Blade 98S (18x16) string breakage

    I played with the Steam 99s for a couple months a while ago but moved away from it because I was breaking 15l poly in a 2-3 hours of hitting. Recently hit with a Blade 18x16 (the 2015 one) and really liked it but I'm concerned about the strings. To those who have used both, did the blade get...
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    Djokovic injury

    Looked more like rust than injury really
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    2018 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    If Rublev had any type of serve he would be dangerous