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    ***•• Pure Storm Club ••***

    I have been playing with this frame for about a year and a half and I love it, I recently ordered my fourth frame. In it I use cyberflash 56 main gosen sheep 17 58 cross. Also I keep it complety stock except for a tourna. I think I have found a racket and a string setup that I play great...
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    I need softer arm-friendly strings

    sorry... but... lol
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    Babolat Pure Storm vs Everything

    This guy is just one of those typical wanabees who think they have big balls who uses a ps85 and think every other racket is a toy.
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    Babolat Pure Storm vs Everything

    very emotional... but I agree
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    Switching to the Pure Storm

    just wondering, what strings did you try? I like gosen og sheep on this frame but it is a tad powerful at 60/57 I think i'll try it higher. Cyberflash plays great on this frame, but better yet hybrid cyber and the gosen.
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    Excited about new PD Roddick + setup

    Those crappy stings on ur pd had to be none other than pro hurricane 16
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    Which Strings To Get!

    Its not even right to compare these two strings. Simply put, if you are not a string breaker and dont hit realy hard, polys are not worth it. In your position I would go with a higher guage x-1 biphase, its a realy nice multi. ps: just because pros use the string, and it is "the most popular...
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    Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16/17

    I dislike hurricane tour 17. I had TW put my new batch of pure storms all at 57, I should have tried a single set first. It had a really wierd feel, hard to explain, deffinetly the one of the most unique feeling polys you will ever try. I just couldnt deal with the wierd feel. And it had...
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    Pure storm review

    half an ounce works great. also you really dont need any in the head since it is already pretty solid and has a high enough swing weight.
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    How soon until Pure Storm Cortex?

    I think the pure storm is fine the way it is, i dont know how a cortex version will improve it, but only making it more muted.
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    Pure storm review

    It really didnt change the playability that much despite being a bit more manuverable. It was also easier to come around for my forehand.
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    Pure storm review

    Just ordered 2 more from tw and got hurricane tour 17 in them. I was going to wait for the new ones to come out but I figure that this plays exellent and how much can babolat really improve in an already great playing frame?
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    Syn Gut or Multi to hybrid with Poly

    well maybe you found 2 exceptions. Also zyex has a different composition. Generally speaking, multi's do not fare well in poly hybrids, and many people feel that the bit of extra playability is not worth the lower durability compared to a poly/syn gut hybrid.
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    Who here has actually found their perfect setup?

    What I have right now I think is great. But there is a lot of stuff out there, so I may never know.:( Sometimes it is best to get something you like, maybe tweak with some lead, and adjust. "love the one you're with".
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    Syn Gut or Multi to hybrid with Poly

    Beaten to death. Puting a multi in your poly hybrid will be a waste because the poly will cut through the multi very quickly. Wont happen with a solid core syn gut. And the playability is about the same. Someone with over 750 posts must have been explained this at least once before.