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    US open qualifiers

    im a ballboy there
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    thanks for the help but untangling it if possible would take forever. plus i didnt pay 60 bucks to get this not to be a complainer lol
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    this is an urgent case because i need the string but its not possible to untangle it.
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    i recieved a reel of prince synthetic gut and it came tangled and it seems it starts from the beginning so its not fixable what should i do about it TW?
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    Pump up music!

    Van Halen Jump or Panama or some Guns n Roses
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    Head LM Prestige,

    Try head ultra tour 17 or luxilon timo
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    where do u tighten the base and the clamp itself?
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    How do you tighten the clamps on a laserfibre on a tt with double action clamps?
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    STENCIL or No Stencil?

    I stencil on my head im sponsored to its required
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    Nike McEnroe's

    I had em last year but didnt wear them for tennis
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    Head XtremeSoft Overgrip?

    Personally I like it
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    Futute Clothing

    where did u see this new nike stuff?
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    Excuse Me, What Is This?

    It might just be leather painted black to match the racket
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    What is your dream's racquet?

    89.5 head size 340 grams unstrung 30.4 balance point 27in leather grip tourna grip Head ultra tour 17 58lbs. Basically my cutomized head lm prestige mid
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    What Stringing Machine Do You Own

    Laserfibre MS200TT DA