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    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    Something in your forehand swing looks off, but i find it hard to put my finger on it. What i do notice though is the following: - sometimes when you hit the forehand, you swing your arm before you rotate your upper body. Also your right arm gets stuck in between. So make sure you get the...
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    So who is the mentally tougher player: Nadal or Djokovic?

    I would say Nadal. Also if you look at the injuries he had to overcome and the way he reached the level of Fed when he was in his prime. Djokovic was not that stable in his younger years and didn't deal well with his shoulder injury as he couldnt motivate himself to come back. However i think...
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    Playing style as you age and get busy

    oeps you're right xD
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    Playing style as you age and get busy

    I don't know about you, but for me lateral movement (to the net and back) is more tiring as it's more explosive. I think that when you get older, you lose the explosiveness (speed) much quicker than stamina. I've seen 60 year old pushers who hardly move but grind out the youngsters. Maybe you...
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    Rod Laver - Nick Kyrgios should be suspended

    I never know. Either Kyrgios is an a**hole, just acts like one because he has issues, or everyone else is lame. Which one is it...
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    kyrgios is the most talented player ever after fed

    Yes, but he couldn´t see, right? Played computer games night before xD So funny how he so deperately wants to let everyone know that he doesn't put effort in... That's his biggest fear. Give it his best and lose. His ego is so big that he can't deal with someone else being better than him. This...
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    Kyrgios trolls Djokovic yet again

    Maybe it wasn´t a fan, but it was Kyrgios himself...
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    Nick Kyrgios is saving tennis

    Tennis doesn't need to be saved imo. But if many players start behaving like him it does.
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    Washington Post: Roger Federer is the Most Graceful Athlete of Our Time

    Dennis Bergkamp should also be a contender. Or Michael Jordan maybe
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    Kyrgios wants Fed to win Wimbledon

    The guy just hates Djokovic
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    Tsitsipas stirring post-match Soliloquy on Instagram

    He's less eloquent on the court. Didn't like the way he was talking to his dad and the ball kids. Neither do i like his disrubtive tactics during matches like changing rackets during games or tapping the ground during rallies.
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    Mindset to level up

    I got inspired by a lecture of Craig O'Shannessy. He said that even the top 4 guys in ATP only win 55% of all the points during a season. And they are the best of the best. So if you play someone who is close to your rating it's all about marginal gains. So if you stop giving away points because...
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    Poll: Peak Federer vs peak Djokovic?

    I believe that Federer during his peak years had less competition. Only a young Nadal could come close to him. Djokovic in his prime had to deal with Federer (who was past 30 but still very good), prime Nadal, Murray and Wawrinka. It's no doubt that Federer has more talent, but I've always felt...
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    Nick Kyrgios gets defaulted in Rome

    It's kinda sad. He clearly has unresolved issues. Hope he'll not fall into the gutter. Annoying behaviour nevertheless...
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    Started from the bottom now we're here.

    1. Men 2. Started playing when i was 6/7. Didn´t play for 10 years after i went to college. 5 years ago i started playing again. 3. Now 4.5. Never played ranked matches until 5 years ago. That year i went from 1.0 to 3.5. The next 4 years i plateaued at 4.0. This year i reached 4.5. 4. Played...