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    god i hate slices

    slice is very useful when you are saving the ball, volleying up at net, hitting dropshots, or using against people who hate slices :) keep practicing and trying to learn how to hit them, and how to return them.
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    Putting overheads over the fence

    I have hit a couple of overheads over my school fence, and I was very close to the net for both. The ball landed about halfway through the service line and the baseline and went deep over the fence. Basically, you have to be close to the net, hit deep, a lot of power obviously, and in my opinion...
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    How to take balls off the bounce?

    I've just recently 'mastered' hitting on the rise, and like someone said earlier, the main thing is shortening your backswing but still providing enough weight shift etc. just keep practicing it, once u get good at it tennis will be so much easier.
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    Cost of Private Coach

    $50 is about average, but make sure you do some researching on good coaches around there. you can find a really bad coach for $80 and other times a very good coach will only cost you $50.
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    NTRP of High Schoolers?

    Around here where I live, on average it would be something like this: 3rd singles = strong 3.0 to weak 3.5 (a lot of pushers) 2nd singles = strong 3.5 to weak 4.0 1st singles = strong 4.0 to weak 5.0 (u may meet some 5.5) most teams that we played were something like this. as for...
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    What shoe are you currently wearing and what are you getting next?

    currently wearing white/navy reebok pumps. im looking into getting adidas a3 accelerate.
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    How expensive are lessons?

    I get my lessons for $40 only because I know the guy who teaches me. He charges about $60-70 for other people. My coach is probably a strong 5.5 player.
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    Who here plays with their collar up?

    Also the shirts that I wear when I play include some American Eagle polos, and mainly Nike polos. But I just bought an Under Armour polo. they dont look that bad with a popped collar.
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    Who here plays with their collar up?

    I pop my collar when I play... are you going to shoot me? ;) Lets just say this... when my mom is watching me play I don't really care about how I look playing, but when some girls are watching me hit pretty strokes during our school matches, the collar goes up. Haha.
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    Your First Racquet?

    heey same here.
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    How do I find out what level I am?

    If I were you I would go check out some certain level tournaments and see how well they play. Then rate yourself accordingly. As people say, many players rate themselves way too high when they use the USTA guidelines... your best bet would be to ask an experienced player, coach, teacher etc.
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    Suggestions for HOT WEATHER shirts?!

    yep, great for hot days.
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    Which superhero would you be?

    an Elf, like the ones in LOTR.
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    Under Armour Now Available at TW

    sports authority i think...
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    using crosstraining shoes for tennis

    i know plenty of people that use cross trainers for tennis, and they all work fine.