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    i dont understand

    it is time for Federer RIP ie retire in peace hehhehehheheh
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    i dont understand

    why did federer defeated djokovic on friday in group round robin match when fed plan to lose to Tsitsipas on saturday in first semifinal tennis jokes anyone
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    i dont understand

    why the WTF 2nd Semifinal took place on sunday instead of saturday
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    the most important tennis innovation of all time

    it is said that wheel is the most important of all times, can you imagine a world without wheel if there was no wheel we will still be in stone age so whats the wheel of tennis, in my humble opinion its Tie Break whats is your opinion on this matter
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    tennis quiz thread

    true both 1 & 2 3) michael chang is one of them no idea about others though
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    tennis quiz thread

    ******************************************************************************** 1) which player has won all 4 grandslams atleast 4 times each 2) name the 7...
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    No 1 monopoly by Big 4

    tennis joke should we sue them (big 4) for monopoly practices
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    No 1 monopoly by Big 4

    federer became No. 1 for first time on 2nd February 2004, since then No. 1 ranking has been shared by Big 4 only thats 823 consecutive weeks federer share 310 weeks nadal share 197 weeks djokovic share 275 weeks murray share 41 weeks i am not sure but i think this is new record in tennis...
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    Federer vs Nadal Top 20 Fact

    in the history of tennis only 7 male players has won 11 or more slams in their career can you name them all without using google
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    Roger Federer - KING of heartbreaking losses. Every year toughest loss from 2000.

    i want federer to be no. 1 for 2 weeks more so that his total weeks as no. 1 will be 312 weeks or 6 years in total (6 years * 52 weeks/year)
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    an unlikely scenario

    what will happen if player A lets say nadal keeps sitting for lets assume 10 minutes and his opponent player B lets say federer and chair umpire keep waiting for nadal to get up so that toss can happen tennis jokes anyone
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    why it is so hard to win double career grand slam for male players

    only laver and emerson has done it in history of tennis no male player has achieved this feat in open era nadal needs one more AO. federer and djokovic needs one more FO nadal has been runner up at AO 4 times federer has been runner up at FO 4 times djokovic has been runner up at FO 3 times.
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    Big3 were in all Slam finals since RG 2005 except two

    Tennis jokes anyone Does federer knows how many slams nadal n djokovic has won
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    Can someone please explain why tennis is the only sport in which the #1 seed and #2 seed can be in the same half of the draw?

    Federer is scared of nadal n djokovic that both of them will win more than 20 slams
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    Do the slam numbers mean anything anymore?

    Nadal 12-0 in FO finals. He won all 12 finals in 4 or 3 sets. Not even once he was extended to 5 sets in 12 FO finals. Djokovic 7-0 in AO finals. Only player to defeat nadal in straight sets in grandslam final in AO 2019.