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    Stan Smith among the enlightened.

    does anybody knows how much line empires and chair judges are paid per match in ATP and grandslams
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    do you think sports award matters

    ok thnx for reply
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    do you think sports award matters

    can you kindly explain your message Do you mean it matters???????????? thnx
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    do you think sports award matters

    please discuss personally i dont give a damn about any record besides CYGS & slam count
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    Djokovic fans, look on the bright side...

    i do not care who wins 2020 WTF
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    Novak Djokovic "I was very close to win it" - London 2020 (HD)

    i feel happy when fed/djok wins or nadal loses i feel sad when fed/djok loses or nadal wins
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    POLL: Who will win ATP Finals?

    they should start WTF on saturday so that friday before the finals is rest day for all 4 semifinalist now djokovic is forced to play both on friday (round robin match) and semifinal on saturday which if he wins will be forced to play 3 consecutive days BTW life is neither fair nor bed of roses
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    The Murray quiz that everyone should take: Is Andy Angry or Happy?

    is PTPA for male players only???????????? EDIT i got the answer from google which directed me to wikipedia
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    Would you be open to the idea of a permanent tennis bubble?

    OP kindly explain what is the meaning of tennis bubble???????????? THNX
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    Thiem vs Nadal : Would it be a blockbuster that Tennis desperately needs.
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    Rafa rocks the treadmill...imitate at your own risk

    congratulation nadal for another useless record Nadal has qualified for the ATP Finals for a record 16 consecutive years but has been forced to withdraw on six occasions
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    Nadal will win the AO

    yes nadal will win 2009 AO defeating fed in 5 set final LOL
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    what is most important tennis record after slam count

    yes i forgot to mention CYGS most important and then slam count my mistake
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    what is most important tennis record after slam count

    is it weeks no.1 or H2H or both or none