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    Fergus Murphy should be suspended.

    If murphy was purposely forcing kyrgios to go crazy, why didnt he give him the warnings kyrgios should have got?? Nonsense topic, murphy did everything allright, if something he wasnt as strict as he should have been, kyrgios was being a scumbag since beginning of match
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    pros pro machine loosen, wobbling?

    everything is very well screwed up i dont understand can this damage the racket when i string? the wobbling its getting worse ive untightened the 4 screws that hold the base of the machine, mounted everything up again, and is still wobbles the same way... :( i know its the cheapest machine on...
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    tie off cross

    thanks a lot guys! irvin i use the wilson pro knot for tie offs by the way, irvin do you make videos on internet?If its the same irvin , i actually learnt doing the knots 3 weeks ago through 2 of your videos... really thanks a lot because they are the best videos on youtube to explain how to...
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    tie off cross

    thanks for the answers irvin and sparjyovcov sparkyokov i know the picture isnt clear but on the 6th main i already tied off the mains :p what about the 7th main? is it possible? is there any explanation why do they recommend the 10th grommet that has so little space?
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    tie off cross

    Hi Babolat recommends tie off knot for aeropro drive on crosses to be at 10th grommet the problem is, as this is the 2nd cross and the grommet is so close to the mains, the knot "rubs" in the main and pulls it a little bit inside the frame, and also is not very easy to tie the knot im new to...
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    Nadal making H1ST0RY at RG?

    one thing is for sure If nadal wins RG, it would be the most tasty win for him for a long time on those courts.. it would be like be back from the dead, when no one believes, that must give it a special flavour no? :)
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    my strings, either they slip, or either they get damaged because theyre too tight.. already...

    my strings, either they slip, or either they get damaged because theyre too tight.. already cleaned with alcohol.. you solved your problem just by cleaning? we have the same machine, i know its a cheap machine but the clamps just suck, because the rest is ok , they only have 3 claws, maybe with...
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    hi, i have read a post from you regardind the stringing machine pros pro challenger 1 im...

    hi, i have read a post from you regardind the stringing machine pros pro challenger 1 im having a problem with clamps , i dont know if you solve it already My string slips through the clamps when i tension it, and if i tighten up the clamp it damages the string how did you solve it? i...
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    strings breaking help please!!

    thanks for the help people i will try the suggestion 2 pieces of string, thicker in the mains, the ones im using are gauge 1,25 , gonna try 1,30 on mains. they were sort of shanks, they were off center shots , but still inside the string bed.. and they were supposed to be heavy balls...
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    strings breaking help please!!

    my rackets are constantly breaking the string in the upper right corner near the grommet!!! i "could" say that maybe the babolat grommets were old but the rf97 is 2 weeks old! so i think its too much of a coincidence, 3 rackets in the same spot all at once!! how can this be possible?? i...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    yes maybe the paintjob rafa´s using would help the sells i like the orange/grey combination in the head of the racquet, but the heart is just too black, it should be a little more coloured, with babolat logo or aeropro or something. But to tell the truth, people buy the aeropro models because...
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    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    i finnaly got my pair of rf97s its the best racquet i have ever played with :) weight isnt a concern, i was used to play with a prostaff classic 6.1 95, so the weight is definitely not a problem, and i feel a lot of people tend to dramatize the excessive weight with no reason, because its not...
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    Nike lunar ballistec outsole

    at first i didnt like the design but wearing them, i can easily say they are of the best shoes ive worn playing tennis.Not so confortable as the zoom, but more confortable then the 4.3 courtballistec and even the air max cage. Durability seems fine, maybe a little worse than the 4.3 overall...
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    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    thanks for the info... i wanted to buy a couple of these babies, but this little ( very big) detail, is making me put a step back :confused: is the ps97 similliar to the rf version, besides the weight? if i lead up the ps97 would it be similiar to the rf97 in terms of feeling and play...
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    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    can someone tell me how the strings behave in this racket, do they break easily? given the weight of the racket and 16x19?? i had to change my wilsons 6.1 95 16x18 to 18x20 because i was breaking strings every hour (1.30 mm polys), and im not exagerating. heavy rackets with open patterns are...