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    US Open QF: S. Wawrinka (5) v K. Anderson (15)

    Try or drakulastream
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    Last 5 Slams of Federer, Nadal, and Sampras

    Basically, he is saying that at any given time in Federer's career, his 5 most recent slam wins occurred at three different tournaments. For example, after Australian Open 2010, his last 5 slams were at Australia, Wimbledon, French, US, and US.
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    Wawrinka Bandwagon?!

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts Chanwan. Your posts all seem calm and thought-out.
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    Federer winning the 2013 Edberg award = the fix is in?

    You know he did apologize right? Last 2 seconds of the video, you see Stakhovsky acknowledge it.
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    Which Match?

    I see now. I wrote 2004 final as well even though he didn't make it that far. My mistake. 2006 or 2007 it is then.
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    Which Match?

    Not really 2005. 04,06, or 07 would have given him the calendar slam, and that would have been amazing.
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    Which Match?

    If you could choose one match that your favorite player(s) lost and have him win it, which would it be? You can mention multiple matches if you can't decide. As a Federer fan, I would have to say RG Final 2004, 2006, or 2007. Although I would prefer 2006 or 2007 over 2004. For Delpo I...
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    Atp 500 = Big Bogus ?!?

    This is some awesome stuff. Particularly the part with 'pidgin'. That was priceless.
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    Nadal- 4 years past his peak, 3 past his prime still #1

    Some people might. I was just clarifying for beast of mallorca..
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    Nadal- 4 years past his peak, 3 past his prime still #1

    No point pointing this out. Them Nadal fans tend to ignore posts like these. Because you know, logic? How dare you?:twisted:
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    Nadal- 4 years past his peak, 3 past his prime still #1

    If I'm not mistaken, Djokovic2011 is pointing out that starting with Wimbledon 2003 and ending at Australian Open 2011, at any given time Federer was holder of at least 1 of the last four slams. Nadal's such streak came to an end after Australian Open 2010.
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    The Trivia Thread

    Perhaps the strawberries point to Murray considering there is a Murray made of strawberries ( I believe to support cancer research). For some reason, the dude in the top left reminds me of Safin. But these two never played in 2007.
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    The Trivia Thread

    Isner-Mahut Wimbledon 2010 First Round I'm practically guessing here.
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    The Trivia Thread

    I see merlinpinpin beat me to it. Kudos.