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    Badminton crosses strung from throat. Tennis, from head. Why?

    No, there are some Babolat rackets (and a few others also) which have only 20 mains instead of 22. Second reason: if you string Yonex Badminton rackets, two piece is a must to keep the warranty. If you send a racket with just two knots to them, they refuse it. Also with two piece you have less...
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    Adapters for Babolat machines when stringing oversize frames?

    Uh. The only idea I have is to drill some new holes with threads into the towers on the downside. That you can move the towers a little bit to the outside.
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    Adapters for Babolat machines when stringing oversize frames?

    I don't really understand it. Some pictures would be nice. You mean the shorter adapter on the right? Don't know. Bought a machine with all those adapters ;) But very easily yo 3D print it...
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    Adapters for Babolat machines when stringing oversize frames?

    I have two adapters. Don't know if one of them is an original. The left one is relatively easy to build yourself. Just use a aluminum flat bar with around 5 mm (5,20 mm) thickness. The pins have a diameter of 2.95 mm and are 20,85 mm apart.
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    Mains, Pulling tension two at a time!

    Not really. In this case you pull the racket with 100 lb against the 12 o'clock fix point on the machine. If you're pulling normally only 55 lbs.
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    Mains, Pulling tension two at a time!

    I love such "trying things". That means, that some people think about the process itself. And not just doing what others say. What @Goat Stringer uses is the pulley principle ( Great idea! My concerns are: Your fix point must be higher, because the Wise...
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    Yonex Precision Scan?
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    Best stringing tutorial on the internet ?

    unstrung customs is creating one actually. I think that will be a good one. But expensive.
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    Stringing and Coronavirus

    Actually I'm thinking about to put the rackets in a box with a ozone generator. Removes the bad smeel from the grips and normally the viruses and bacteria too. But don't know how the ozone will react with the materials of the rackets especially the grips.
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    Adding 10% of the mains tension for crosses?

    I string 2/3 badminton rackets. For me is 0,6 kg more on crosses the standard, not 10 %. Sometimes (and especially for my own rackets) i use 0,8 kg (~2 lbs) more. And as @Andl said, it depends on the 22x22 string pattern. I've noticed, if i strung mains=crosses, that the racket gets rounder and...
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    Personal Stringing Note: on diminishing tension

    Full ack... Especially every string have a different elongation. Also some holds the tension better, some will stretch easier, some are stiffer, etc... Here is an extreme example -> put 25 kg on a thin 1,25 mm steel rod. Now i will see the result of the SM. I don't like the tools as an ERT or...
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    Looking for anyone that owns Babolat RDC machine..

    Hmm it seems that the factor is around 0.1579 -> 100-(mm/0.1579)=RA Value Unfortunately i sold my RDC, so i cannot check this. To "rebuild" the RDC, the distance from hook to the fix point in the middle is important.
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    Babolat 3001 instructions

    Why three clamps?!?
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    The clamps are very good. Normally they fit really close to the frame and holds the string very good. The clamp base and rails are very smooth (not so smooth as tecnifibre!). Very easy to handle them. The tension unit is very solid, easy to hande and also have a lot of settings. Also you can...
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Yep, that is true. Actually that is the best machine on the market.