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    Adding 10% of the mains tension for crosses?

    I string 2/3 badminton rackets. For me is 0,6 kg more on crosses the standard, not 10 %. Sometimes (and especially for my own rackets) i use 0,8 kg (~2 lbs) more. And as @Andl said, it depends on the 22x22 string pattern. I've noticed, if i strung mains=crosses, that the racket gets rounder and...
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    Personal Stringing Note: on diminishing tension

    Full ack... Especially every string have a different elongation. Also some holds the tension better, some will stretch easier, some are stiffer, etc... Here is an extreme example -> put 25 kg on a thin 1,25 mm steel rod. Now i will see the result of the SM. I don't like the tools as an ERT or...
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    Looking for anyone that owns Babolat RDC machine..

    Hmm it seems that the factor is around 0.1579 -> 100-(mm/0.1579)=RA Value Unfortunately i sold my RDC, so i cannot check this. To "rebuild" the RDC, the distance from hook to the fix point in the middle is important.
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    Babolat 3001 instructions

    Why three clamps?!?
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    The clamps are very good. Normally they fit really close to the frame and holds the string very good. The clamp base and rails are very smooth (not so smooth as tecnifibre!). Very easy to handle them. The tension unit is very solid, easy to hande and also have a lot of settings. Also you can...
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Yep, that is true. Actually that is the best machine on the market.
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    Yonex stringing machines

    I have a ES 5 Protech and a Protech 8 Deluxe. Both machines are very good and solid. Never had problems with them. The clamps from the Protech 8 are much better.
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    Proportional Stringing

    I've also tested the Sergetti stringing with my Head Microgel Prestige MP with MSV Focus-HEX Soft at 22 kg. Its really remarkable, that the racket came out of the turntable without ANY force. Yesterday i played with this racket and it feels very good. Wherever i hit the ball the feeling was the...
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    New Machine Opinions/Wilson/Babolat/Prince????

    Normally no problem. The Yonex company in your country should have spare parts available.
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    New Machine Opinions/Wilson/Babolat/Prince????

    Have a look on Yonex ES5Protech or Yonex Protech8. For me the best machines!
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    Attention: All Stringers

    Yonex Protech8 Yonex ES5Protech Babolat Star4 (2502e)
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    Identify a Racket

    Thanks for your investigation!
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    Identify a Racket

    Well, do you have some more informations? :) Never heard of a brand named mastiff. If you search for mastiff in this forum the only what you get is dogs, dogs, dogs...
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    Identify a Racket

    Nobody have an idea?