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    FS: Wilson Pro Staff RF97A (2019) 41/2

    Black/white version?
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    Mixed-doubles etiquette

    In singles, when a guy comes to the net, I might try to hit it at him. Body shot are had to handle no?
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    So far I've been using black and yellow RPM Blast Rough.
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    Was there ever an uglier GS final than this?

    2018 U.S. Open ladies final.
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    Just bought another G360 X-Pro. Guy at my club didn't like it so I snatched it up from him at a nice price. Has Hyper-G in it.
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    Is racket size difference vastly overhyped here ?

    The difference the head size makes could be more psychological. If you "think" a bigger racket helps, gives you more confidence, then it does.
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    Prettiest serve motion?

    Insner, Karlovic, Opelka, Anderson :D
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    Total Djoker ball bounces in the Wimbledon 2019 final?

    To infinity and beyond!!!
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    Mixed-doubles etiquette

    I'm about to venture into the world of mixed-doubles for the first time. Playing in a 6.0 league. I'm a 3.0 playing with a 3.0 female. The rest of our team is 3.5 guys playing with 2.5 ladies and I find that to be fairly predominant throughout this league. So are there any "unwritten rules"...
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    Simona Halep Appreciation Thread.

    Indeed!!! if ya smeelllllllllllllllllll......
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    Simona Halep Appreciation Thread.

    Layethed the smacketh down!!
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    If Fraud wishes to beat Rafa in final

    He can only play who's next. Can't blame him if it's a bunch of "tomato cans".
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    Could be!! Now I'm torn between buying another Pro or trying the MP. :D
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    I love my G360 X-Pro!! The more I play with it the more I love it. Strung it with RPM Blast Rough @53/51. Getting more depth with my shots than ever before.
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    Head Graphene 360 Extremes

    I've been playing the G360 Extreme Pro for about a month and I love it!! Totally stock with Gamma overgrip and Head dampener. Strung it with RPM Blast Rough @53/51.