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    Help me cut down this demo list

    I play both. Probably more singles, but both are very important.
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    Help me cut down this demo list

    I also added weight to my Blade 93, so I'm used to a heavy stick. I hope I can, because I love the stick, I just don't know if I can wield it at 16yrs old haha
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    Help me cut down this demo list

    Burn FST 95- weird, weird feeling stick. Muted but stiff. The redeeming quality was the spin, but all in all the feel was too bad and I couldn't get used to it. Prestige MP- Nice control, feel, touch, and maneuverability. Downsides were that I thought it had a small sweetspot, I didn't serve...
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    Help me cut down this demo list

    Definitely should have left out the Burn... That thing is crazy stiff, yet super muted. Never found my groove with that thing.
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    which has more power: Lux 4g or 4g Rough

    Pretty similar but I give a slight edge to 4G Rough in terms of power.
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    Help me cut down this demo list

    I'm going to a local store to take out some demos. The most you can take out is three, so from the following list, which racket should I cut? I'm coming from the Blade 93 using some Solinco poly. Aggressive all courter. Burn FST 95 Prestige Pro Duel G 330 RF97
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    Thank you for the reply. When you say "responsiveness," what exactly do you mean by that? Power? Feel? Also, how to Hyper G and Tour Bite compare?
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    If I wanted to start stringing my own rackets

    Alpha Axis Pro has been a great machine for me for home stringing.
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    How did you get good at volleying?

    PLAY MORE DOUBLES! My volleys were fairly awful, even with lots of drilling, until I took the leap and played a lot of doubles. Playing doubles forces you to volley in a competitive, real environment. This is all assuming you are aggressive at net, no matter the current state of your volleys-...
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    What is yall's favorite Solinco poly? If it is not Outlast, how would you favorite Solinco string compare to Outlast in the same gauge?
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    String Question for Andy

    I recently switched to the Blade 98 18x20 and have loved it, but like you, have found it a tad hard to generate massive top spin on both the forehand and kick serve. What poly is there that has good control, lasts a while, and isn't too pricey that you would recommend for the Blade 98 18x20...
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    Caloric Maintenance Level

    All was going well when I was occasionally playing and working out all the time, I kept steadily gaining size, and it seemed like nearly all lean muscle. Now I've started going to train hard for 2 hours a day and 30mins of conditioning, plus my workouts at the gym. Clearly, 2.5 hours of cardio...
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    Caloric Maintenance Level

    I've upped my calories from 2500 to around 3000 a day but am not sure I'm meeting my necessary calories to build muscle. How can I know what my BMR is and how many cals I expend during the day from exercise and other activities?!
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    How much protein do you need to build muscle mass?

    Yeah I would recommend at least one gram per pound of body weight, if not more. It really is not very hard to achieve at a lighter weight, but gets harder as you get bigger. If you focus on it, it is easily attainable, even without supps.