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    who will win wimbledon juniors?

    Robin Roshardt!:D Well most likely not, but I can hope can't I?:p I mean he didn't do too hot last week in Roehampton (lost 2nd round), but he's done fairly well overall lately, beating Nicolas Lapentti 2 weeks ago in a challenger match and getting to the quarters of the junior FO, so...
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    They need to make the French Open surface fair

    Ohh good point! Maybe my idea wasn't a good one now that I think of it. Though the "more clay courts in North America" would still be nice.:)
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    They need to make the French Open surface fair

    I'm not sure about you, but I don't see those shots too terribly much on grass, a bit more on hard, yes, but still not as much as you do on clay. I mean there are obviously a few that use those shots on grass, Fed being one of them, of course, but I just don't see it much anywhere else (though...
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    They need to make the French Open surface fair

    I myself see it. I mean at the FO (and other clay tourneys) you see soo many shots you normally wouldn't see on hard or grass courts. I mean you get drop shots, angles, lobs and lots of stuff like that, stuff that's not often needed on the faster courts because you can blow your opponent off the...
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    Kournikova looking anorexic.

    Here's a photo taken in Feb. '06. She's looking a bit thin, yes, especially her arms and legs, but nothing terrible or anything, imo.
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    Why in the world is Monte Carlo not televised?

    I wish DirecTV would get it! My mom works for DirecTV so we get it free, so there is an extremely little chance we get Dish until either I get my own house/apartment or we move.:( As for ESPN televising it, I'm pretty sure they have that little recap at like 1 or 2 in the morning the...
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    Young upset with PMac

    Because it's a waste of time and it screws someone else, who is more deserving, out of a WC. I say it's a waste of time because instead of getting his butt handed to him and just playing one match in a week, he could be out playing a futures event winning some matches and actually playing...
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    another "GUESS THAT PLAYER !!!"

    1. :confused: 2. Rusedski 3. Agassi 4. Roddick 5. :confused: 6. Safin maybe? 7. Rafter 8. Srichaphan 9. Sampras 10. Conners 11. Lendl 12. Gonzalez 13. Gasquet 14. :confused: 15. Federer 16. Henman 17. Philippoussis 18. J. McEnroe
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    Serena Williams Ranked 58!

    ^^Hehe good idea!:D And yeah, that is true. But that doesn't matter if she plays as little as what she has been (1 tournament in almost 3 months).
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    Serena Williams Ranked 58!

    To be honest, I'm actually kind of happy. Maybe seeing her ranking drop so much will get her butt in gear.
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    Scoville Jenkins site re-launched

    I still like my site better.:p JK, but I still don't absolutley love his site, but it definitely is way better then before.:)
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    Players with 2 double handed backhands!

    (Old pics, but Im pretty sure he is still using the 2 hander on both sides)
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    Serena's Ranking

    :cry: :cry: :cry: I hope you're right!!!!!
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    Scoville Jenkins wins Challenger

    Haha true, but still, its still a good result since he hadnt reached a futures final before (and only two semis). And just because they arent ranked very high doesnt mean they arent good.:)
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    Scoville Jenkins wins Challenger

    You've never heard of Sco?!:o