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    Novak won the 2019 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year!

    Loved his speech and Jelena's words from that small video clip. Truly legendary.
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    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    I know how you feel. But then again you can't always get what you want. Hopefully you will get your desired locations.
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    TTW Book Club

    I finished about two third of it but then I had to return it to my friend as I was leaving for college. Yes I plan on completing it and reading Hom0 Deus sometime later.
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    Most Athletic Player of All Time (ATP)

    "a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise." Prime Dal unarguably. He had everything. Speed, strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance etc. The point at 2:10 is insanity personified.
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    Djokovic forehand and serve is mediocre

    That's the most insane thing for me too. That tactic neutralizes everything.
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    Djokovic forehand and serve is mediocre

    About the forehand: If mediocre means top-10 of all time then sure. He can do pretty much everything with that shot. He can blast winners when he wants but he chooses not to. He creates insane angles with it. More importantly he hits deep and hits error free. About the serve: Definitely not an...
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    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    I am from a small town called Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh. Yup you are correct about the wrist use in the BH flick. Since the shot doesn't have a big swing we have to use the wrists to generate the topspin and even the side spin. From what I have observed players without a coach in table...
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    Which came first; time or energy?

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    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    Lol. There is a certain flair to hitting flat. Even though I only have that experience from TT but I know how it feels to hit a Delpo like FH. But I think after a certain point one needs the spins to put some balls in play and also to hit harder with more margin.
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    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    Same story here. Last year in University though. Hopefully I can find a tennis court in the city they will call me to for the job. It is perhaps going to be Pune or Bangalore. Given a choice I will choose Pune for sure. I will find a court and then play my ass off for the rest of my life lol...
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    Do you think each member of the Big 3 believes they're the GOAT?

    They definitely believe that they can beat anyone on a tennis court but none of them is stupid enough to think that they are THE greatest player of all time. I don't think that the big3 look at slems as the only criteria for GOATNESS. I think that each of them think that they are in the top 5...
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    Fed Fans - two options, which do you choose?

    Fed beats Novak in the Semi.. Mischa beats Fed in the final.. A SnVer wins Wimbley. Young players get inspired by it and implement SnV in their matches especially on Grass. Win win for everybody.
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    The Most Powerful Picture In Tennis History

    Although I am a Freddie boy but I get most hyped for a Djokodal match. I especially like their clay matches. We are in for one or 2 of those this clay season.