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    Crowd will be anti Nadal

    yes, that too.
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    Crowd will be anti Nadal

    Whether the crowd cheers or boos for either during the match has nothing to do with Federer, it's about the players on the court. The tennis world does not revolve around Federer.
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    Rafa Fans..who you rooting for?

    I prefer Federer, but his fans have me pulling for Novak. Either way I'd like it to be a long, hard fought, thrilling 5 set match. I'd hate a boring blowout.
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    I found the m-fil to be quite flexible. Just looked it up and it has a 61RA. I had shoulder issues at one point and used this racquet for awhile afterwards. It was a great frame for customizing. After leading up, mine was stable and control was good. It was lower on power.
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    I still keep my m-fil 300 in my bag, use it occasionally. I think I paid $39 for it new, way back 12-13 years ago.
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    Your opinions that majority do not share vol. 2

    1. There is no goat, as Third Serve stated. Agree with his point. 2. I am a tennis fan, so I don't dislike any player unless they have a poor attitude or behavior. Yet, I liked McEnroe so go figure. Kyrios is the only player I currently have no interest in watching, I couldn't stand Connors...
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    Grip sizes - too small?

    I'm 5'10" medium size hands and a 4 1/4 is my correct size. Yonex 4 1/4 is slightly large. My ex also used a 4 1/4. It has always seemed to me that there were more used 4 3/8 racquets.
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    Racquet Brand Rankings (In Your Opinion)

    1. Yonex 2. Babolat 3. Wilson (would be #2 if consistency in product quality was better)
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    Kyrgios' talent is underappreciated

    "The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential." - Calvin Coolidge Kyrgios had/has potential, he does not have a good attitude or work ethic. There are countless pro athletes who have been long forgotten that had "potential," but a bad head. Kyrgios acts like a punk. He is a...
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    If you are a racquetacholic .....I might be able to help you.

    Even though most people are looking for the holy grail, if they found it many still wouldn't be content. Although one can probably play and be effective with any racquet, it comes down to calibre of opponent. When playing a weaker opponent any stick will work. Its when playing a better player...
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    Do you have problems wearing different brands of apparel at the same time?

    Matching must be a younger generation thing. I'm older; is it clean, does it fit, is it comfortable. I would bet that hardly ever are two parts of my clothing of the same brand because I don't really give it any thought.
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    Babolat Pure Strike Project One7

    ...and the better options?
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    YONEX ...?

    DR98. Just switched to it myself from a Aero pro drive. There is a lot of useful info in other threads about it. At first I was looking at the Duel G 330 and SV 98. I ended up with the DR 98. Read about them, demo them and see what fits your game.
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Original NEW!!

    That would be awesome. The original apd was my favorite racquet, unfortunately let mine go in 2008. I need to search **** more frequently.
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    Ordered a yellow DR98 with Poly Tour Pro @ 52. I've been using an Aero Pro Drive for the past few years. I'm going to miss the spin the APD gave me. I never considered a Yonex before. I demoed a few racquets; I didn't like the Pure Aero, also tried the SV 98 but I liked the control and feel of...