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    Who do you want to win..Tsitsipas or Medvedev

    Med lad so that he can kick the Drama Queen's ass!
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    something oblique is going on

    faster harderer surfacerer
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    Muchova I love you!!!

    Yes Muchova is everything Pliskova is not, and more. Fighting spirit above all :)
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    Djokovic vs Zverev 2021 AO Quarter final

    Match of one of the least likable players on tour..meh!
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    Djokovic's injury

    Tear in Joe's ***.
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    Djokovic's injury

    Yeah we feel you Nick, nobody can really stand him..
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    Djokovic's injury

    Djokovic tends to exaggerate any injury, just him run 100% in his next match
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    Korda News

    And maybe Fritz? I don't really follow US tennis much but this kid seemed legit, his groundies looked good. Not sure about how mentally tough he is, though..
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    Korda News

    So the ranking seems to have improved quite considerably in the last 2 years ;) Currently at #88, is young SebGoat on his way to become top 3 ranked US player in 2021? Consistency, winning mentality and some easy power of both wings. Is it Korda time, again??
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    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    Jannik and Korda on team Rafa. Wohooo!!
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    S. Korda

    No surprise. Czech school right there. Berdych like smooth and easy power, and good composure. Improve the serve and he could very soon be the top American in the rankings. And please get Steffi and Andre as your coaches Seb!
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    ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

    Jesus, 2 of the most unsympathetic players in history! Good Joe Is Finnish and Sin to become everyone's Master very soon!