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    Carlos Bernardes and Nadal

    The Hawk-Eye system, which is originally designed to correct human error, however, instead of just concentrating on playing the point, players also has to be the lineman themselves in order to raise a challenge. The Ump and the lineman, who are responsible to perform professionally, can now...
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    Djok's bouncing balls

    It IS annoying, but it might help him to concentrate on the ball and serve.
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    Sharapova is unwatchable

    Just mute the TV. LOL BTW, you don't need to watch her play, you hear it. I'll just turn it off completely.
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    If you were a pro tennis player, which style of tennis would you want to have?

    Is axx-picking included for Nadal's style??? Just asking.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!!
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    Shame on Chinese pro

    What if you see a pro wearing RF shirt and Nadal shoes?? Shoot'em??? And look at it from the player's perspective, he is sponsored by the brand, Nike in this case, he would have to wear whatever style/collection that is given to him. And I don't understand the title : Shame on Chinese Pro...
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    Huge news about Federer's racket!!!

    Plus: Becker (93) Graff Lendle (his tiny head adidas racquet)
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    What do I have to look at???

    I need some advices from all you experts here..... A local pro shop is selling me a 2 yrs old Gamma 8800ELS, and I am going there on Wed to take a look, if it is in good shape, I might just take it home right away. The pro shop is well established and have nothing negative ever heard, so I...
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    What happened to Wilson K-Gut String?

    I used X-1 16g at first, because it offers good touch and spin, but it won't last more than 3 weeks, not because it breaks, because it starts losing tension, the main move around like they are at 10lbs Then I tired X-cell, NXT, nothing close to X-1. Later on I tried to switched away from X-1...
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    After watching this video of laver

    Man, you are funny, makes me laugh so badly. Yes, you are making me Laughing At YOU So Badly.
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    Which player annoys you the most?

    I really hate those extreme grunting women players. When they first start doing that years ago, I feel like I am watching tennis but have the porn-audio on. Nowadays, I feel like I am watching tennis and have porn-audio on the left speaker, and a butcher killing a pig on the right speaker...
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    REAL Professional Stringers

    If you've watched the 2nd video about the tennis balls, you heard the narrator said the factory runs 24hrs/ day and produces millions of tennis balls every month, imagine the workers there have to stick 'X' numbers of felts onto 'X' numbers of balls every months.........
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    REAL Professional Stringers

    This is where Wilson racquets come from: And the $3.00 US Open balls: have fun
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    X-one vs. Maxum Touch tension question

    I used to use X-One, but found the string feels like a wooden-board at the beginning, prime time starting and the 3rd/4th hour, then loss tension and start moving around after 10 days to 2 weeks. Recently I tried TGV, soft but not as powerful as X-One, the feel/touch is very nice, it is...
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    Pro's Pro Electronic tension head

    Pro's Pro is popular in Europe, but I don't think they have a distributor in North America. If you locate in North America, I will suggest you get something from North America region, just in case have to service the unit, it'll cost less and turn-around time will be much shorter.