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    The TT Football Club

    There was Berlusconi before Abramovich
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    The TT Football Club

    Important win. There are still issues with the team , but i'm very satisfied with their effort. Messi picked a good time to score his 1st for us:laughing:. Brugge-Leipzig , i'm surprised with how well the belgians are playing.
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    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    1st step done , important one. The real challenge begins now
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    What book are you reading?

    Monogatari series & Boogiepop
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    2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

    Can't believe i had faith in Zverevo_O , i'm gonna go watch anime
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    2021 US Open Women's Final: [Q] Emma Raducanu (GBR) vs Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN)

    I like them both , they pretty. Quite sad there can only be one winner , i'll enjoy the match
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    The TT Football Club

    I genuinely wonder how different the PSG project would look like if we had gotten any of the elite managers we offered the job. Heyneckes who won the treble with Bayern said no , Capello said no and later regretted it. Wenger turned us down 3 times and Mourinho 2 times. Ancelotti didn't stayed...
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    The TT Football Club

    Mbappé injured. Reminds me why i dislike the international break Deschamps should be sacked already , France is so average.
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    The TT Football Club

    So we got a LB , Nuno Mendes. He's said to be one of the most promising young LB in the world , if not the most. Well that's what portuguese fans told me and i want to believe it , I hope he's great for us. It was a concerning position with Bernat's injury and Diallo's lack of quality to fit the...
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    The TT Football Club

    I don't trust Pochettino