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    "Sloane Stephens blasts Serena Williams"

    Note to Sloane: you are no longer in elementary school. If other kids don't want to be your friend there are no teachers around to make them play with you.
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    ATP Tour needs another player with Robin Soderling attitude with Nadal

    Indeed, because he doesn't have any hits (slams) at all.
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    Murray's speed is underrated

    I would agree with the OP; in a straight line dash I'd say Murray is faster than Djokovic and on par with Nadal at his best. Between the lines of a tennis court though Djokovic is more effective - when Djokovic goes for a ball at end range he slides into his shot and by the time he hits the...
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    NY Times Article : WTA Player bullied by message boards and social media

    There's a difference between a reviewer criticising someone's work (which was your analogy) versus comments about dying and going to hell. Just because the internet is rife with such comments doesn't make it acceptable.
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    Hewitt speaks on doping, Federer, Nadal etc.

    Great interview. Hewitt was such a polarising figure in his early years but nowadays all I hear is respect for him - if only Tomic had half of his work ethic.
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    Federer and Nadal Records Vs. Top 10 Ranked

    And there isn't anything artificial about the top 10... players outside of it refer to their desire to get into it, the first page of the ATP website has the top 10 players listed, media (both specifically tennis and general sports) refer to the top 10 players all the time, certainly moreso than...
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    Top 10 women players of all time at this point- where would you place Serena

    Henin played Serena. 1 more =/= much more
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    Tomic in trouble .... again.

    How are the police out to get him? He is under 25 so he isn't allowed to drive a V8 car on his P's. Yet he bought a V8 anyway, got a special exemption to only drive it to and from tennis practice and then got busted for breaking the law that was already bent specifically for him. Meanwhile...
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    In terms of actual skill, who is more talented between Federer and young Nalbandian?

    Nalbandian's talent is immensely overrated on these boards, I'd take Federer by a country mile.
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    Dimitrov gets closer to Fed-class everyday...

    Lots of potential but the biggest difference is in their footwork. Dimitrov slips and slides unusually often for a top player, which is in sharp contrast to Federer's near perfect balance.
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    Nadal: nobody has had to retire with what I have

    And I have every right to comment and criticise what he says, if you don't like it, tough luck.
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    Can you rank these women in terms of big hitting?

    Capriati's game and playstyle is a slightly inferior version of Clijsters' in my opinion. Great defense, easy power from all parts of the court, decent serve and volleys, forehand is the primary weapon but can misfire, somewhat flaky mentally. I might be a bit harsh on Dementieva but from...
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    Nadal: nobody has had to retire with what I have

    I would have him shut up and play if he is going to play on hard courts or if he is going to complain about them then yes, put his money where his mouth is and only play on clay if it bothers him so much. He would be a one man boycott, because I doubt any of his peers would follow suit.
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    Nadal: nobody has had to retire with what I have

    So he complains about hard courts, attributes his injuries to them and yet his first competitive match back he decides to play... on a hard court?
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    Can you rank these women in terms of big hitting?

    All the women named can hit powerful, heavy balls when they have time to set up. The differentiator I would say is that Clijsters, Capriati, Graf, Henin and Seles could bring consistent power from all parts of the court and at end range/full stretch their power doesn't diminish significantly...