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    Under Armour “Pro Player” Shoes

    UA copies these from adIdas. There is no need to sugar coating this fact. Would be funny to see them in store some day.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Interesting review. I thought the current ez98 is the most similar to the XI even sharing the same headshape.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Fair enough. I find the vcore has lower power than the Ezone too.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    What gave the Ezone disadvantage over vcore 98? Curious to know.
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    Can anyone explain what happened to Osaka’s racquet in this photo? it looks completely warped.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    So this isn’t a pure aero ?
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Does any pro use the VS ?
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    How many rackets do I need

    All for 145 euros!?
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    James Blake's new Dunlop

    Wow. What kind of contest ?
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    What is your second best racquet?

    I use my APD cortex as backup. One of the best.
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    Wilson QC sux big time

    How do I upload pictures? I have my ps 97 photos to share. Pretty unacceptably for a $200 racquet.
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    The Yonex VCORE 98 fanclub

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    Wilson's release plan

    Well getting a h22 line can fill the gap of 18x20 player frame. I have a bad feeling about what they are gonna do with this. They re gonna clash it aren't they
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    Wilson's release plan

    Well, why don’t they do the better one : H22 ? Does anyone know why ?
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    Wilson's release plan

    The UTs are good and you got 10!?!? I think it needs to be a bit more solid and I used lead tap but it doesn’t solve the problem. The UT lacks power big time. I donno what the new 2020 UT is gonna be but I fear they will ruin it.