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    Yonex frame cracked on serve

    Angell TC97 custom meets all your specs. Alex
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    Gamma Europe don't know how to adjust it. I've also failed to find out the purpose of the grub screw.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    We all have our faults :)
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    Yes, I checked 50 and 60lbs on the RAB barrel one, some digital fish scales and Goat Stringer's Piab(I think that's what it's called) and they were all pretty accurate.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Interesting, thanks for your reply. I'll try Racquetune, although it's got some terrible reviews on Android.
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    "obsessing"...good grief. I've already said it's not a big problem but I'd like to have it back to where it originally was which was spot on. Rather than talk about calibration or consistency of pull speed - It's ok to say "I don't know" I thought I would ask here in case there was an easy fix...
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    Favorite multifilament

    I recently tried Head Velocity and WeissCannon Explosiv, both full bed @56 lbs Liked them both, very comfy and smooth. A bit of string re-aligning on the Explosiv but nothing terrible. Ordered a reel of the Velocity
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I've been trying out the Tennis Tension App and the readings I get, straight off the machine, are about 10lbs tighter than reference. Machine is calibrated Gamma x-ls. I know I can use the "calibration" setting which will "fix" it but that doesn't help with checking other rackets since you...
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    It is really close, probably about 1/2 lb. And yes, I know it is not a problem and doesn't really matter in the scheme of things. But I would like it to be right which must be possible. The grub screw seems to have no purpose.
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    Hi, I have a Gamma x-st. The number on the knob doesn't match with the gauge - ie. in this example 54 lbs should match with 0 on the knob. I tried loosening the grub screw and rotating the knob but both the knob and the gauge still move in sync so no help. I tried pulling on the knob with the...
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    Mains, Pulling tension two at a time!

    Andy, looks very interesting, just needs to be able to string the crosses as well, and build a robot to operate it!
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    Gamma X-ELS

    I have found that when I do the original double pull I need to be careful not to put the two strings too low in the tennis head gripper. If I do, there is a chance of knicking them on one of the little springs in the gripper. I never noticed this on my old machine but am aware of it now!
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    Stringing and Coronavirus

    I'm thinking (for clients):- Wash hands - plastic bag on handle - wipe racket down actibacterial wipe - string - wash hands - return racket - wash hands Interested in what others think?
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    Hit counter

    You could count how many balls you hit say in 5 mins, and multiply the result.