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    What a strange response. I don't have a need for all their other services but I would like to buy a copy of the digest. Presumably members have a big box or shelf full of old copies they will never use again or they put them out to be recycled? I see a few for sale on the bay but hey are mostly...
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    I don't undertand why there aren't more Digests for sale on the auction sites. What do people do with their old ones?
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    Head Velocity

    Seems increasingly hard to get hold of the natural in a reel in the UK. Maybe down to brexit, supply issues,discontinued? etc. I can get the black but with the dreaded unspecified custom charges. Interested in similar alternatives - I've tried weisscannon explosiv which is ok but a little sticky.
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    WeissCannon Explosiv! string movement

    Hi, they seem identical to me. I've not tried using either in a hybrid. (The only hybrid I use regularly is Gosen Synthetic gut in mains 57lbs/ Weisscannon Scorpion in the crosses 54 lbs. I tend to switch between these setups depending how I feel)
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    Unable to find Babolat Pop app

    It doesn't show on search but its here: I've only just started using it, It worked fine for my first session but fails to qualify the second session. Tried to re-install but that fails now. No response from...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat POP (wristband sensor) Playtest!!

    I managed to get a Pop on auction site and tried it out in a practice session. I recorded the following forehands:- 185 Flat 15 Slice 1 Topspin It doesn't seem accurate as I can hit (what I consider) quite a lot of topspin but Pop has them recorded as Flat. Wondereing if anyone else finds this...
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    Mystery Strings

    If you cut it out, you may get lucky with some writing remaining on the string on the lengths that are currently going through the grommets. Gosh what a terrible sentence construction but you get the drift.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It's very easy - if you can use a stapler you can do it in a few mins.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    In thoery you would think so, but my 15 gauge is 1.36mm inner diameter but I can't fit gosen syn gut 1.29mm or head velocity 1.3mm through it so have to do the "follow it through method" for them. Scorpion 1.22mm does fit though. You may need a bit of chapstick the first time to lube it...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I use a stainless steel blunt needle, 15 Guage. Put that through the last grommet from the inside and it will keep the path open. If the string is too thick to fit inside the needle at least you can use as a guide and feed the string from the outside whilst pulling the needle out. Search for...
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    Casters for Progression / Gamma X stands

    Update- In the uk - I've just got these and they seem great. Only £10.82 including 2 day shipping. Only 15mm, but thats longer than the legs I took off. Will hold up to 120kgs!
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    Casters for Progression / Gamma X stands

    @Dillon4787 how did you get on with a stem length of 25mm? I thought it needed 12 or 12.5mm I've ordered these at 15mm but thought I would add some washers to take up the gap:-
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    Casters for Progression / Gamma X stands

    I've had these in my amazon wish list for months, uk I know, may ship elsewhere. Can't confirm they fit but the specs are right.
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    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    Is that a question or a statement? Either way I don't understand what you are saying.