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    Federer USO 2004-2009 vs Djokovic Wim 2011-2015/2018

    Which is why the “toughest opponent” lost eight in a row, then?
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    The original 40-15

    Guess it had to end in 2019 the way it did because it started the same way.
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    Roger Federer: ‘People still ask me about that Novak Djokovic defeat at Wimbledon’

    Fed almost got that serve by Djokovic at 40-15 - Djoker was moving to his right and Fed hit it down the T - even Djoker knew that "F*** that would have been an ace" when the ball hit the tape, and it would have been 3 aces in a row. Its the littlest of margins in sports, but nothing to do with...
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    Another Gutsy Zverev Performance

    Gutsy handshake too
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    7 of 27 Federer's Losses Since 2017 have come after holding a match point

    lets Face it - he needed a sports shrink years ago - he’ll never do it. So EXPECT these and when he converts: BONUS! Lol
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    Federer News

    Is Rafa the worst big 3 hair guy now, by a mile?
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    Wimbledon 2008 the Holy Grail of Epic

    funnily, that same year, at the start of the tournament, he told some media outlet that “2009 US Open was my toughest loss” - sheesh, if only he knew beforehand how those words would haunt him just 2 weeks later.
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    Fedfans- do you believe ?

    Would be nothing nicer than Fed cleaning Djok0vid's clock if they meet in the Dubai Final.
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    Imagine if Federer choked the way Nadalovic did today

    Atleast Fed reached a WTF Final at 34+, cant say that about Djokodal
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    Djokovic is the same age now as Fed was in 2014/15

    Dont forget, Fed was coming off a major back injury in 2013 and was changing from an ancient 90 inch racket to the Wilson 97, which took him almost half a year to get into....
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    All black Cage 3 Rafa FO 2020

    Rafa eschewed the cage 4 for an all black Cage 3. Almost as good looking as his Court Ballestic 4.3 all black that he won the 2013 US open with. Is this a PE or is it available somewhere to purchase?
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    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    They need to retro everything from the 95 Air alarm's on to the last 2003 model. So far they've stopped at the 94 Flares, so here's hoping.
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    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    My favorites were 1. Nike Air Alarm. 2. Nike Air Zoom Challenge 3. Nike Air Assailant (rare AF!) 4. Nike Air Challenge LWP I feel like these mid-late 90s shoes were always overlooked in favor or the Air Tech Challenge & Nike Air Challenge Huarache prior to that. But some of them were so good...
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    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi