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    Grandslam "retirement" age

    Well, in essence IT IS forbidding Messi to score and the loser would be... the game of soccer. Do you really think it's bad that Vivaldi was allowed to be a prolific composer and da Vinci was allowed to be prolific in basically everything? I think Winston Churchill hit the nail on the head when...
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    Best tennis player among celebrities?

    His mother was even ranked as a tennis player.
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    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    Just saw a capture of the latest "news." Some tabloid now says that Andy's X-ray revealed something more than it was intended. How is that newsworthy is beyond me. Who puts that type of story on the front page of the "news" is also beyond me. Get well Andy. There are lot's of people who support you.
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    Grandslam "retirement" age

    Well, what seems sensible for one person may not seem sensible for others. In the history of sport, there were quite a few rule changes necessitated by utter dominance of certain athletes, just to make it more competitive. However, what you are proposing is something drastically different. You...
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    Djokovic sets his sights on surpassing Federer’s slam record

    Oh, sorry, my bad math. 3 more slams in the next six month and then 3 more with 6 more months. Right? By this time the next year, Novak will have 21. Sorry for being sarcastic. I don't mind if Novak gets ahead of Roger. IMHO, the big 3 are equal. I was just trying to say that it's an extremely...
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    Djokovic sets his sights on surpassing Federer’s slam record

    Winning 5 slams is not a joke, even for Djoker. Very few people have achieve it. It's a very long journey... I'm glad he's taking it though.
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    Worst pair of GS SF ever?

    May I rephrase you a bit: Nadal and Djokovic are too good for the rest of the tour
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    20-17-15 - Status Quo; where do we go from here?

    Hopefully, Andy's hip gets fixed and he gets back and starts winning again. IMHO, big 4 would be better for tennis than big 3.
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    AO final : Let us remember Nadal’s first tournament in 6 months

    Also, let's not forget that this is the slam that Novak just plainly "owns."
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    Bet your life savings on Djokovic to win the AO!

    In retrospect, that would have been a good bet... if you are a gambler, of course.
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    Utter proof that Djoko is the BOAT

    Wow, I didn't realize it was so lopsided. To their defense, they probably peaked earlier than Novak.
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    Very disappointed with Nadal

    I think the message that Novak sent to him in the semifinal WAS received by Rafa. Also, Novak is a very bad match-up for Rafa. That hurts Rafa but he's a fighter. He'll use it to motivate himself.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    No, I'm not Greek. Sorry. However, I visited Greece twice some 35 years ago or so. LOL. I visited Volos and Kavala, two small sea ports. In one of them, we even played soccer with crews from other different merchant ships that were moored over there. Care to share your recipe for mousaka? My...