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    Choosing A Doubles Partner

    As a player that hugs the net, I look for a partner that can run like the wind.
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    How much damage have I done to my lungs?

    How much damage was done to the people around you that had to inhale your habit?
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    How Much To Weigh?

    I don't know if presses can widen your shoulders. I think the presses will add size to your shoulders therefore making them look wider. Going from your teens into your twenties will widen your shoulders.
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    Corey Haim Dead at 38

    I too am suprised he lived this long after reading about the prescription drug habit he had. It's sad some can't handle success(or lack of) and all that comes with it. Are there any former child actors not screwed up? Damn the Disney Channel.
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    How Much To Weigh?

    I can only comment on the 6'3"/200lbs...that sounds skinny to me.
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    How Much To Weigh?

    Is the 'Chinese muscleman' you are talking about the one that was in Bloodsport with Jean Claude Van Dam I would have thought Bruce Lee was at best 5'5' 130 lbs, but I never met the guy.
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    How important is being right, as opposed to getting money?

    Is there no paper trail? No witnesses to the act? Even is answer is to questions is no, small claims court might be an avenue.
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    Building weekly (homeschool) schedule [fitness, tennis, school]

    Its very important not to get expelled from home school
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    What Do You Guys Think Is "Strong" for Bench, Squat, Deadlift

    In almost every gym I've been a member of the leg section is usually fairly open while the benches are always in use. A guy with short arms and barrel chest will typically bench more than a guy with long arms and thinner chest. Does that make the guy with shorter arms stronger? Same with...
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    What's with the Fed hate?

    Fact: Fed fans get your noses out of his a** before the next tournament otherwise he'll be picking at his butt like Nadal.
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    tennis snob?

    Are you playing better or is the better player playing worse? Around my area a lot of the better players will hit with you and answer questions you might have. Lesser level players really appreciate it and usually cheer for those that offer help. The better players that don't like helping...
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    So I Broke My Arm Squatting

    240 isn't close to a world class weight... sounds like bad luck (freak accident) op, don't let that be the reason you give up with the squats. Of course thats easy for me to say.
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    Gamesmanship?? What would you do?

    If he cusses at you again, respond with 'your momma'. Talk about his momma, no way he can keep a cool head. BTW to me, he was cussing at you but not cussing you out.
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    What's with the Fed hate?

    No... Fed fans are the reason people hate on Fed.
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    Target Weight

    About how old are you J011y? You may have already filled out. I have friends near 40 that can't grow a full beard or get the goatee to connect from stache to chin