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    Reading all the Djokovic related pandemonium on TTW

    WTA girls to rescue Djocovid from bullying
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    Reading all the Djokovic related pandemonium on TTW

    NHS also says that people who have got COVID will most likely develop Alzheimer. There are no evidence such thing can happen for the virus is out for less than a year, and Alzheimer needs years and years to progress, but people should be scared now already.
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    Some things never change

    Probably he had sun in his eyes.
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    Some things never change

    He should switch to underarm only...
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    Everyone who have participated in Adria Tour should receive a lifetime ban from tennis! o_O
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    Is the USO Serena’s best shot at #24?

    Well, Jon Wertheim quite openly says in his SI column that the USO will take place only because of Serena. So, yeah,probably it's the best chance for her to get that 24th in absence of anyone else.
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    Gasquet's Got It Right About the USO

    He coloured his hair pink.
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    sock will have a huge comeback

    Weren't gym closed during the quarantine? Unlike grocery stores and Dunkin Donuts.
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    Ultimate Tennis showdown anyone excited?

    Gosh, that's unwatchable.
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    Worst Federer outfits?

    all of them
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    Adidas Stycon Laceless Tennis Shoe

    Would look amazing on clay!
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    Greater player: Safin or Kafelnikov?

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    Coco Gauff's Struggles Off-Court

    Well, it was obvious that the pressure her management and the media put on her is immense. On the other hand, this text doesn't seem genuine to me either. It's like the beginning of the new cycle of the promo campaign. But I hope I'm wrong.