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    2019 Kremlin Cup (ATP 250), Moscow (MED HEAD TOUR 2019)

    They should introduce coaching on the ATP tour too. Some of the young players desperately need to their coaches to tell they what to do when they're lost.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I have lead in the handle at 9 12 and 3 :) in both versions. A little bit less lead on v7 though.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I had Solinco Hyper G at 22 kg in it. Usually I string my Blade 2015 Alu Power Rough in mains/ Hyperion in crosses at 25/24 kg. So probably is really was the tension and the string.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Played V7 today, liked it a lot initially, but in the end if the day it's not even close to the Blade 2015. Too mushy, not much power, sometimes hard to control the ball. Something s just off with it. Serve and top spin were better than Blade 2015 though.
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    Wedding of the Century :)

    Double set of twins is coming soon?
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    Meldonium aside, where does Maria Sharapova rank in open era?

    She and Serena revolutionised women's tennis by turning it into unwatchable bashing screaming mess. This is the legacy which is more important than her titles. Look at how every second female player on tour wants to hit the ball as hard as she can. She also is the one who suffers from her...
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    Jack Sock in challenger dominating on live cam

    There's always Laver Cup and doubles.
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    Coco Gauff wins first WTA title

    ...and now she has lost in the first round. Sure she was tired and all, but a bagel in the second set against some no name?
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    Coco Gauff wins first WTA title

    Yeah, constant moonballing for 1,5 hours is a new way of domination in women's tennis. Although you've forgotten that she lost qualification, and Naomi + Bianca won't go anywhere anytime soon.
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    Roger Federer announces.......

    I'm sure Swiss Tennis Federation won't send Laaksonen and Ehrat to the Olympics.
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    Medo 6 finals are insanely OVERRATED

    This possibility is unreal: but how would be consider Stan if he'll win Wimbledon and complete non-calendar slam?
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    Medo 6 finals are insanely OVERRATED

    In couple of years they all we'll be up for grabs for today's NextGen anyway. So he'll probably win some when he'll be in his prime.
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    Coco Gauff to play her first WTA final!

    Great win etc, but remember she wouldn't be able to do that if not for Sakkari. Initially she even didn't qualify for the main draw.
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    Battle for the Diamond Throne: Medvedev [3] vs [5] Alexander Zverev (GER) - Shanghai 2019

    Looks like it, thanx! Although his logo looks similar and is copyrighted still. As in the link above.
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    Battle for the Diamond Throne: Medvedev [3] vs [5] Alexander Zverev (GER) - Shanghai 2019

    Look at the sleeve