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    Greatest rivalry in tennis history

    It has to be Fedal.. This will be the rivalry that will be remembered 50 years from now
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    M.Cecchinato will beat Novak Djokovic at RG 2018

    I still can't believe this happened and was predicted a month before. One of the greatest unexplained mysteries which we might all will take to our graves. Unless Checkmate will reveal himself to be a time traveller
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    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    Wow.. Putting the health of his wife and kids in jeopardy along with his fellow pros. Well done Novak
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    Best baseliner of all time: Nadal or Novak?

    As someone already mentioned Novak has a better first serve and return shot.. So purely from baseline play, it has to be Nadal
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    Wawrinka vs Roddick. Who is greater?

    I'd say about even.. Stan has more majors but that's about it. Roddick has more slam finals, more masters, greater consistency and reached year end No. 1.
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    Djokovic AO08 vs Nadal AO09: Who wins?

    Nadal in 4 or 5..Djokovic's level was good but his forehand and serve were no where near his peak levels and he would have had trouble constantly hitting through a quick Nadal on a hard court
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    What are the chances of Wimbledon still hapenning ?

    Yeah magically UK will recover to normalcy.. Within a month. Starting events like the premier league which generate much more revenue and fan interest will be the first priority. Wimbledon already stands cancelled.. No way in hell things will suddenly improve in 2 months time
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    2014 French Open Semifinal and Final Highlights- Nadal-Murray and Nadal-Novak

    Both players were suffering and apart from a high quality second set.. There were many dips and ebbs in this match to be considered high quality
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    Your Top 5 Two-Handed Backhands of all Time

    1. Raonic 2. Del Potro 3. Janowicz 4. Karlovic 5. Kyrgios
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    Nadal 2010 v Nadal 2013 v Nadal 2017 v Nadal 2019 at USO, who wins?

    2010 and 2013 is very difficult to assess.. Would go with 2010 because of the monster serve which was virtually unbreakable
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    Best Slam runner-up in this era?

    No finalist who lost in striaghts should be part of this list
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    Your Top 5 Forehands of All Time

    1. Nadal 2. Federer 3. Sampras 4. Del Potro 5. Lendl
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    Best player at a specific Slam to never win it

    Murray at AO easily.. Although Thiem is making a pretty strong case at RG
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    Slam score against non-Big4

    Strongest era in the history of men's professional tennis