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    Next Gen are horrible in Slams

    Yes they haven't yet reached that level... But they have ample time on their side. Will be very surprised at least 3-4 of them don't end up as multiple slam winners
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    Has 2019 really been a strong year?

    Since Tennis keeps on evolving every year, the Big 3 have never been as good as they currently are
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    Best player of 2019

    Nadal clearly.. Worthless question
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    WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

    Nadal will destroy any of these 2 in a slam final.. Just don't have the relentless intensity to compete with him
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    Schadenfreude ... (why the toxic behavior???)

    This forum wouldn't be half the fun otherwise.. Although some posters take their toxicity to just new levels everyday
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    Putting a finer point on how the ATP calendar favors Rafa and hurts Fed

    Then stop Giving two fecks about a tournament which you have won a gazillion times... Barcelona at least always has a high level of competition, and is a tune up for the French
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    What makes Nadal so good against the next gen?

    OK, I don't have the stats currently to back this but Nadal does seem to have the best record and seems most comfortable with the next gen, while Federer and Djokovic have struggled and been knocked out by them in major tournaments multiple times. What is it specifically about Nadal’s game that...
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    Who is the moral YE#1 for 2019?

    Robby Ginepri
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Most probably
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Tournament is already dead with Rafa and Djokovic out and the YE No 1 decided...doubt anyone really cares about this IMO
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    2019 WTF RR: [4.] Daniil Medvedev vs. [7.] Sascha Zverev

    Annoying for Rafa but at least he closed the year out with 2 hard fought wins and the No 1 ranking!
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    Thank you Roger (letter from a Nadal fan)

    As much as some rival fanbases hate to admit it... What Roger is doing at 38 is simply beyond extraordinary. He completely outplayed Djokovic from the back of the court while barely gave a sniff to the greatest returner in history on his serve. What a performance!
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    After 4 years...Fed beat Djokovic!

    Always believed in Maestro
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    Nadal wins 2 more matches and is guaranteed YEC.....

    They could be tied in sets in one particular scenario.. It'll then come down to games won/lost
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    2019 ATP Finals RR - Mad Lad vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

    Thiem has already won the group.. In case of a tie H2h is counted first in which case Thiem is guaranteed to finish as No 1 in the group