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    Bike tire

    These tires are virtually puncture proof and are cheap but they ride like ****. If you don' t care about ride quality, they're worth considering:
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    Bike tire

    I recently patched two tires with Gorilla superglue and nothing more. Works like a charm! Their brand of superglue has rubber particles in it and is flexible and not brittle.
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Jie Zheng and Li Na Can never tell those two apart. :razz:
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    Which country are you from

    San Francisco
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    Suspenders and Bow Ties

    Yeah, I'd say that suspenders & bowties are more acceptable for lawyers than businessmen. BTW, what does "MHS" stand for? P.S. - cool avatar! That's the Ride - Nowhere album cover, right?
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    No Shave November. Who is ready?

    I have a custom of shaving my head down to a 1 & shaving my face along with it about every 2 weeks. I like the regular process of going from clean shaven to bearded.
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    Do you think the Beatles are overrated?

    Personally, I'll take The Who over The Beatles or The Stones any day. The Beatles have some good tunes, no doubt & they were an important part of rock history, but I don't find most of their stuff to move me that much. Actually I like The Kinks more than The Beatles as well when it comes to...
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    Why isn't badminton more popular?

    Damn, I hadn't realized how funny Mary Carillo is.
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    How'd you meet your significant other?

    Glad to hear that OKC has worked out for you! I've been on there for a quite a while & I've been on quite a few dates, but so far nothing has gone beyond a second date. I have 2 friends that both met girls that they've been seeing for over a year in both cases, so I know that it works out well...
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    Guitar Players

    If you want to do it on the cheap, I use a cable that plugs into your USB port like this: It works just fine for my needs.
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    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    Yeah, I'm not sure about whether or not the burning thing is true of blade grinders, but the inconsistent grind is certainly true. I also like that my burr grinder can be set to dispense the same amount every time. My preferred set up with a conical burr grinder, an adjustable temperature...
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    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    siata94 - I finally got to Sightglass the other day. Great cup & venue. I want to try to sell them some of my furniture. ;) Another good cheap method is the Swiss Gold single cup filter. Although it costs a little more than a generic cone, there is no need to buy filters. I was using that...
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    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    OP: where do you live? There are several awesome roasters here in SF, & there should be something that's at least decent in most cities. As for brewing, I use the Aeropress & I like the cup that it produces more than any other brewing equipment/method that I've used. If you get a burr...
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    Staggeringly dumb comments your GF/WIFE/other females have said to you...

    1. "So where do I put that?" 2. "Logic? I don't get it?" 3. "Does this gut make me look fat?"
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    any Bikers out there?

    Normally around $200. :wink: