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    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    My previous comment was not to compare the two necessarily, especially on social issues. After all, Emma is still only 18. Others talked about Naomi so I also commented...
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    Is Djokovic deserving of pity?

    Anyone who regularly smashes his or her racquet out of frustration cannot be considered the GOAT. Losing control is loser behavior. Though I haven't been a fan of Nadal's due to his superstitions and rituals (ridiculous), I consider him to be the GOAT. If Federer had a 2 hander he would be up...
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    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    I'm so impressed by Emma's run as qualifier in this year's USO and by her poise and maturity. Downside for me now is that whenever I play I know that teenagers are capable of kicking my ass on the court, and I'm a 4.5... :( Well, lotsa ladies can kick my ass lol... Her mandarin is decent for a...
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    Any other racquet I should waste my money on in the hope that it’s the one?

    I get 95% of poly spin with a syn gut. Have you tried sheep micro 17 or 18?
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    Any other racquet I should waste my money on in the hope that it’s the one?

    try playing with a syn gut and see how you feel either multi or solid core. I'm not a fan of poly strings
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    [Review] KLIP Armor Pro 17g.... the ugly gut stepchild

    I'm loving Klip 15L...I hybrid it with a syn with aramid like PSGD or Head PPS. I think Dunlop also makes a similar syn gut string. Only downside is the weather. I dont' play with my racquets strung with natural gut on wet/damp days.
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    Collaborative Effort By Bob Patterson: To all the parents of beginners who think their 11 year beginner needs poly. Please stop and read this

    I string for the group of rec players I play with, and I suggest syn gut over poly. Greater tension maintenance, better touch, much cheaper, no arm pain, and control and 95% of spin achieved with poly. I've been playing with Head PPS, Gosen sheep micro, Forten sweet. I just started using a...
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    Any string set ups for the Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330?

    Try synthetic gut strings like PSG with duraflex, PSG original, Head PPS, Forten Sweet, Gosen AK and sheep micro. Try 49 lbs with the first 3 strings. I'm not a fan of poly. If you want to hybrid with natural gut, string both cross and mains at around 54 lbs. I get as much spin with this combo...
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    Should I move on from the Vcore pro?

    OP you are asking the right questions. Try different strings at lower tensions and add lead. If still unsatisfied, try an Ezone 98 before going to a racquet like the vcore 98. For sure the VCP is a generate your own power kind of racquet so it is not for everyone. Btw, if anyone is looking to...
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    Best Natural/Synth Gut strings?

    Gosen sheep micro, forten sweet, Head PPS, Prince syn gut original, Prince syn gut with duraflex my go-to's... Ordered some Gosen AK Pros and Gamma TNT2... Plan to hybrid natural gut with any of these syn guts. I don't see the benefits of poly/natural gut because the poly just doesn't stretch as...
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    In Boston a few weeks - 4.5 player - who wants to play?

    49 views and no replies? I'm at the cape for this week. Post here, DM, or email me
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    In Boston a few weeks - 4.5 player - who wants to play?

    yo_lev at yahoo dot com
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    Not nearly half as annoying as Sharapova's wail or Muguruza's angry lionness grunt. Almost unwatchable for me. Sablenka's angry cat grunt is a bit more watchable and entertaining because you know she will implode eventually due to those grunts lol. Then there's Sorribes-Tormo's oh-ah-hey! I like...
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    Heat and strings

    I string my racquets for ambient temps. In the low 30s F I string my pro staff 97 41 lbs with syn gut whereas in 96F summer heat I string it at 52 lbs. For my other racquets I also adjust according to string type and flex.