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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    I really liked my gut/irukandji set up. It could be my new favorite hybrid. Great power and spin. The only problem is that I lost the snap back after about 5hours of play. But I was using Klip legend black. That string never last long for me. Something in the coating/coloring make it not snap...
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    2019 WTF RR: (3.) Swiss Maestro vs. (5.) Thieminator

    Am I alone that lost the tennisTv feed??
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    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    I played with Prestige Graphene for a while, but I couldn't get over the sound. Many hated the feel but I thought it wasn't that bad. Anyway I looked at Wilson but they were generally too stiff so I tried Angell. Great frames in general but broke a frame while serving so I gave Yonex a try. I...
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    Best Natural Gut

    Good catch. I was wondering why there was no love for the Lux Gut.
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    The control vs. power dilemma

    On a 18x20 you can use thinner gauge at lower tension and gain back some power and spin yet still have very good control. Try low 40s tension and 17 or even thinner gauge. I used that for a while abd it worked great in a best of both world kind of way. However,I now play with a very powerful...
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    Two identical racquets - different feel

    I stopped reading at Wilson. That’s your problem right there.
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    Have the ATP's "Next Gen" marketing efforts paid off?

    Not everything revolves around the big 3. Many sports promote their stars of tomorrow in some type of competition. I think Tennis made a great move with the next gen tournament. The event is fun, players fight hard and the level is good. It is also an interesting way to test new ideas without...
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    Which pro men are using extended rackets?

    Extended frames are a bit harder on the joints. Most kids don't yet have the spin to control the extra power. Besides that no real downsides to extended frames. I think 27" being the norm, just about everyone starts with a 27" frame. When they get to a point where they could benefit from an...
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    Just curious to know what string has got the best spin score by TW's playtesters?

    But I’m looking for their playtesters feeling and not twu data. Some string get great numbers on twu but the real life doesn’t always turn out to be that great. They should have a similar database for the subjective impressions though, that would be useful.
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    I tried 4G Soft full bed at 38lbs at it is really really good. I've been playing with PTP at 40lbs for the last 6 months and the 4G soft makes me think I might switch when my reel of PTP runs out. But the price difference with the PTP makes me think twice as I like to cut as soon as the...
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    Just curious to know what string has got the best spin score by TW's playtesters?

    I looking to to try something new and was looking at the results from TW playtesters. I tried to find what string got the best score for spin and the highest I found was the RPM blast with 97. Is it the string with the highest spin score?
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    Which pro men are using extended rackets?

    How can you change the balance without adding weight or moving weight? I’m not sure how this can be possible. You can’t guess SW based on static weight and balance if this is where you are going.
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    Which pro men are using extended rackets?

    Very unlikely. Pros want to win.
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    Which pro men are using extended rackets?

    Balance and sw don’t correlate. It’s a common misconception. You could add weight to the handle, changing the balance significantly but the SW won’t change. In fact adding weight to the handle could raise the sw depending on where you put it. Unless you take weight off the head to move it to the...
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    Ouch, that is quite expensive. Even at 1800$ it’s a bit steep unless you customize a lot.