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    High School players and other outdoor players: How did you overcome the sun?

    I found, recently, that it works for me to just take a few (10-12) practice serves in the sun. For the first few, getting the sun in my eyes makes me blind as can be, but eventually you just sort of get used to it.
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    unconventional serves

    I'm sorry, acintya, but there's a framework to play around inside of, and the semi-western grip on the forehand isn't inside of that framework. Simply put, a truly eastern grip (Note that a so-called "australian," halfway between an continental and eastern, can be used) would be far, far too...
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    Emberassing! :oops:
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    When you put it that way, Ray, I see where Kick's coming from. When I first got into customizing, I was playing probably 2 hours a day most days, and working hard to get my strokes really working well. I was never and will never be a great 5.5 player, but I had the technique to play at 4.0 or...
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    Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up

    Well, kudos to you, sir! You seem to have very bad luck medically. I'm sorry to hear that, also.
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    grip size poll

    I technically have a 4 1/2 right now. It was the only Diablo I could find, or something. I don't know. But with my hands, it should be 4 5/8. But all in all I voted 5/8.
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    I mis-spoke. [I have to clarify that I'm just speaking for myself:] I don't know Trav that well. I've read his posts for a long time, and commented, and so on, but as far as friends, I can't say we really are. But as for me, I genuinely enjoy doing all this math. I've found, no matter what the...
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    Is there something inherently wrong with using a beat up racquet? (I don't wanna hijack the thread, but starting new threads is so unpleasant)
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    Spray painting a racket...

    There was a better one by... Chrisinjapan? I don't remember his name exactly, but he made a fake K-Factor frame but with blue instead of red. Well. Maybe not better. I haven't read very far in, I mis-read the first post. EDIT: Okay, final opinion. Based on actual paint job? Chris's was much...
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    If people enjoy it, who are you to crap on their tastes?
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    Spray painting a racket...

    I don't know much about painting frames, but I know that with most other things, you'll want to sand everything smooth between coats (careful not to sand all the way through) and then add a layer or two of clear (matte or gloss, your choice there), again sanding smooth. On the last layer, you...
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    My serve and volley

    Well, it worked for Pistol Pete. But if you look at the majority of serve-and-volleyers, they did have strong serves, but most of them were spin serves. Rafter and Edberg, to my memory, were known for their slice serves. McEnroe was known both for his placement and his serves. Heck, even...
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    Wow! Lead Tape really worked wonders.

    Then wash your hands after you play. You won't get lead poisoning from lead on your hands. Some might tell you that you will, but that's either because they're uneducated on the subject, or because they're trying to scare you. I had lead around most (8 to 4) of the hoop, and often found myself...
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    Word Association!!

    Sergei S. Bryukhonenko
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    Wow! Lead Tape really worked wonders.

    That sounds like me with overgrips -- I just can't stand them, for some reason. I buy an overgrip, I put it on, I hate it and take it off. Then I put on the second one, for some reason. Hate it, take it off. Rinse and repeat.