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    Any tips for playing on a hard court?

    I have a bit of the same issue in terms of playing surfaces. Most of the time, I'm on synthetic, occasionally on hard. The hard courts are slower and bouncier. That said, doesn't take too long to adjust. I actually prefer the higher bounce; playing on carpet courts with old balls, they're...
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    Player unable to follow directions, Coach frustrated on court

    Never seen a coach get annoyed with a student. However, seen plenty just feeding balls and doing nothing to correct woeful technique from the student; just very expensive ball machines. They seem to be the guys with nice secure set-ups at tennis clubs (a few are very good, though).
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    opponent calling his own serve

    Yes, it's your call. Although, what you describe sometime happens both ways; you hit a serve that is clearly long, the opponent has a free swing, hits a good reply and suddenly there's no call!
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    Please help me with my serve!

    Your big problem is that you totally fail to load up for the serve - you're barely using your legs. As a result, you're actually not very well balanced and nearly all arm. Load up by lowering nearly all of your weight into you back leg (bending the legs, obviously). That also helps to get the...
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    Classic Low to High Forehand Still Viable?

    Obvious question; are you sure you're getting enough RHS? That's more likely to be the problem - shouldn't really be too much of an issue getting pace and spin given good head speed.
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    Some advice on my technique

    I think you need to increase the racket head speed on your groundstrokes; you don't accelerate enough through the ball so you're lacking the pace you could easily get. On the serve, the set up and start of the motion are good but then, you seem to let all of the pent up energy dissolve and...
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    my theory on why I can't hit a 125mph serve

    Yes, in normal circumstances, a pro's toss is very consistent. However, if you watched the Berdych v Murray match a little while back (played in such strong winds that, on one toss, the ball blew back over Berdych's head) you will know that the pros can still pound their serves when the...
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    How to deal with your doubles partner if he ...

    If you're so upset, find a new partner. Meanwhile, I wonder if there will ever be a post on these forums relating to doubles where it's not 'my partner's fault we lost'........
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    What can Us Amateurs learn from this Doubles ?

    If you judge them by pretty high standards, there are quite a few things which stand out. Quite a few times, the positioning wasn't correct. But, for me, the stand out things were that the net players just didn't do enough to pressure the respective returners - far too passive. I...
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    best half volley tips

    For some reason, I've always found half-volleys to be pretty easy. The keys are certainly to 'stay down'. Beyond that, keep the weight forward and just let the racket win the collision with the ball. You should really feel that the racket is pretty 'quiet', i.e. you're certainly not hitting the...
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    Reading the opponent's shot

    But you don't need to limit this to the serve. I also watch the opponent on ground shots. Some time ago, instead of concentrating on the ball from start to finish, I thought I'd try watching how the opponent was setting up, his racket, etc,etc. (You can still see the ball in peripheral...
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    great forehands which part of the ball do they hit and follow through to?

    Yes, I get that now Limp - it's interesting, thanks.
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    great forehands which part of the ball do they hit and follow through to?

    Wow, OK guys; not sure I really get it though - I've been able to hit fades all my life as I described above, with the ball starting left & fading back - so, what's really happening? (Wrong forum I know, but this is pretty amazing).
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    great forehands which part of the ball do they hit and follow through to?

    That's actually incorrect, Limp. It is the swing path that will determine the initial line of flight. That is why, to hit a fade, you align to the left of the target, creating and out to in swing plane in relation to the ball; club face should be square to target (open to the swing path)...
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    What do you think of my game (video)

    I agree that you don't have a very solid base when you hit. If you improve that, you can tackle the other problem, which is a lack of acceleration through the stroke. (That will only work if you're balanced, however.)