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    Lebron Watch...

    He drew out the media circus of his free agency too long...then went on prime-time national TV to slap Cleveland and basketball fans across the face. His brand and image have allready taken a massive hit, as obvious from the countless number of fans and media members who have ripped him for his...
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    Lebron Watch...

    Lebron will regret his handling of free agency for a long time...his name, brand, image and stock just took a massive hit. Right now he not only looks spectacularly callous and immature...but scared and naive. How could his advisors have been so dumb...amazing...
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    Pete Bodo on Isner v Mahut

    The article (from the about the match being fixed) is written by someone who obviously doesn't know or understand anything about tennis, or one step tennis. Ridiculous point...dumb article...amazing match...
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    College Realignment

    It will really help Utah and Colorado's teams (Colorado dropped the mens team 4 years ago). Joining the Pac is a huge recruiting advantage. Boulder should see a nice bump in women recruits and Utah should be able to snag an extra player here or there because of it...
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    top 10 reasons why Lakers will win again:::

    entertaining game...but wow that awful basketball. Ray and Kobe seemed determined to see who could choke harder. Gasol was real series MVP
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    USC women's tennis to vacate wins

    Are you referring to sideline tickets while on the recruiting trip or throughout the year? On a recruiting trip, schools can take you to a game...and that can be anywhere in the stadium. I went on 5 recruiting trips and was on the field for football games for 3 of (legal) stuff...
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    Question- What would you rather?

    Oregon get's beat up pretty bad in the PAC...but it's a great school in a fun college location. As a Southern Cal guy who loves the sun...go to'll be playing great competition, get a ton of cool Nike gear and enjoy 4 years of Pac-10 football and basketball. Loyola just can't...
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    Nadal should have 8-10 slams now and Fed should have 13-15.

    no it's a dumb troll thread. That's sports. People get hurt, things happen.
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    Lack of Men's Tennis teams?

    So your justifying inequality...with inequality? Interesting. You act like I've searched around from position of superiority and privelage and found the only thing I can to complain about. What a ridiculous and juvenile assertion and line of thinking. Title 9 is ridiculous and unfair...your...
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    Henin should have never returned

    What a dumb
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    Lack of Men's Tennis teams?

    More title 9 fun: Womens tennis scholarships (fully funded school): 8 scholarships Mens tennis scholariships (fully funded school): 4.5 scholarships The school I went to had 8 girls on full scholarship. The 7th girl played doubles and the 8th girl never played a match (despite being...
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    *The Big Lebowski Thread*

    "Come on, man. I had a rough night and I hate the f%$#ing Eagles, man!" "So if you could just write me my check for ten percent of a half a million... five grand... I'll go out and mingle." "You know, Dude, I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in 'Nam of course"
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    The Worst Movie Ever Made!

    Plan 9's was Glen or Glenda...Ed Wood's movies are all pretty classic actually...
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    Blockbuster Movie You Thought Stunk That Everyone Else Thought Was Great

    Just out of curiousity...what movies do you like? As that's a pretty interesting list of movies to not like...
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    Blockbuster Movie You Thought Stunk That Everyone Else Thought Was Great

    Inglorious *******s was massively over-hyped T Don't quite understand the Dark Knight or District 9 criticisms...we're talking blockbusters here...those movies were both pretty amazingly creative and well done...