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    Wilson ULTRA PRO v3.0 stiffness

    Hi all anyone knows the RA of ULTRA PRO v3.0? this model is exclusive for some channel , maybe only? thx!
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    Uniqlo US Open

    here it is
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    Federer Wimbledon Kit

    available soon
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    Players start testing new pure strike racquets?

    I think it's the same model as David Ferrer using. Could you tell the string pattern ?
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    Boris Becker using Wilson RKT ?? (BURN or PRO STAFF)

    Hi guys ! Just saw this on BB's FB page. Is he playing Wilson racket?? or just borrow it from a guy there?
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    Verdasco with black string in rotterdam

    could that be Babolat RPM Blast ? any information?
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    T Fight 315?

    can't see pics....
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    T Fight 315?

    can i see the last cross string's tie hole? does it only can be tie on the main string ? and more pics of the front look please? thank you!!
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    T Fight 315?

    great pics ! thanks a lot! hope there are more pics coming up that compares to the verdasco's frame!
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    T Fight 315?

    hey!great to see the actual pic finaly!! thanks for sharing !! btw , could you please post more detail pics? thanks a lot!!!
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    T Fight 315?

    does anyone get it already? some detail pics please?(16M version) thanks a lot!!!
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    New Tecnifibre T Fight 315 Ltd. 16M

    so...does anyone get that already?
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    New Tecnifibre T Fight 315 Ltd. 16M

    TW says 2/18 but I thought maybe someone has it now...
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    New Tecnifibre T Fight 315 Ltd. 16M

    Tennis ware-house shows that Tecnifibre is about to present t fight 315 Ltd. 16M and 18M racquets. I think the 16M is the Verdasco's frame. But not that sure... does anyone has the detail pictures of the "new" racquet? can't really tells that from the tenniswarehouse pics...
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    T Fight 315?

    does anyone has it in your hands?? really wanna see some "actual pictures" not like tennis warehouse some really in detail